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Judy Woodruff Plastic Surgery Before and After

Talking about Judy Woodruff, she is actually not an actress or even a celebrity. But her name is quite popular among the people in America. She is a veteran journalist. Now she has been 67 years old. In this age, Judy had successfully made many people surprised. How could it be?

Well, if you take a look at her current appearance, you will see that Judy didn’t look like common 67 years old woman. She looked much younger.

Judy Woodruff Plastic Surgery Before and After
Judy Woodruff Plastic Surgery Before and After

So sad, she didn’t give any explanation about it.the people are only able to guess and speculate. The people believed that she had got plastic surgery to enhance her youthful look.

and the plastic surgery that she possibly did was the facelift. seeing from her current look, Judy got tight facial skin. It looked unusual for an old woman. Commonly the woman who has been over 50, she will got sagging skin and a lot of wrinkles. But, Judy didn’t get them.
That’s why the facelift must be the reason of it. this procedure had tightened her facial skin and removed the sagging at once.

Beside that, an amount of botox might also take a role in sweeping out the wrinkles on her forehead as well.  Plastic surgery in America is no longer rare or strange thing. For some people, it had become a need. Of course, eery option has a risk. They must take accept all the bad things when the surgery had gine wrong. You might remember Ray Liotta or Kim Novak with their bad surgery.

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