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Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Julia Roberts is one of the most popular actress in Hollywood. Pretty Woman is a TV program that made her name brought to the top of her career. Now, she has been 47. Many people assumed that the actress might get some beauty enhancement to keep her face fresh and tight. However, Julia Roberts plastic surgery speculation was unproven yet.

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery
Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery

In 2014, Julia told the media that she was growing old naturally without any surgery done. Many female stars in Hollywood had already taken a plastic surgery to improve their appearance, but she is not interested to do the same.

In the interview Julia told the media that she had risked her career into a big problem by not having facelift. We had understood with her statement. Because for many celebrities, facelift is one of the most influential procedure chosen by the stars to keep their appearance more youthful and fresh. As a star, appearance is another important thing beside talent.

Julia Roberts also said that she hoped she could be a model of natural aging for 5 years ahead.

Julia Roberts plastic surgery speculation was no longer new thing. She was ever said having fillers injection  and a nose job too. The fillers was seen from the shape of her lips. The lips looked having fuller shape. Juvederm or restylane might have been injected in it

Julia Roberts Nose Job
Julia Roberts Nose Job

How was Julia Roberts Nose Job?

Nose job (rhinoplasty) is another popular plastic surgery in America. It’s not too surprising if she did the same thing to improve her appearance. However, she never mention that she got a nose job so far.The speculation about a nose job was considered from the shape of the nose. Compare to the before picture, her current nose looked having a more pointed nose. This could be the work of nose job.

hat do you have in mind about Julia Roberts plastic surgery speculations? Do you think that it was just a rumor? Leave a comment.

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