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Julie Benz Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery has been so popular. It’s no longer a rare thing. And for most celebrities, it has been a need. Especially for them who wanted to fight the aging problem. Julie Benz, Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, was said as one of the plastic surgery users. The 42 years old lady appeared with smooth and fresh look. She looked too hood for a woman in the same age of her.

Julie Benz Plastic Surgery

She must have done botox injection and fillers injection. Beside that, the people also noticed a work on her boobs. It must be breast implants.

Botox injection

You might know this procedure very well. because most celebrities in America had already used this thing. It could help them to refresh the face. The botox had removed all the lines and wrinkles on her forehead. That’s why to day she appeared with smoother look. The people didn’t see it as natural treatments. Moreover she has been more than enough to get them. luckily, the botox she used was not overdone. She might feel great sensation after the surgery.

Fillers injection

Beside the botox injection, there’s also a sign of fillers injection on her face. It seems she used this on her lips. Because it appeared in a fullers shape.

Julie Benz Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Julie Benz Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Breast Implants

and another plastic surgery that made a lot of people surprised was the breast implants. If you see and compared the before and after picture, you will see the big difference. Julie Benz used to have smaller boobs. It even gave big space among the boobs. After the breast implants (boob job), now She got fuller and rounder breasts.

Talking about her before and after appearance, we might ave different perceptions. some people might miss her natural look without any surgeries done. however, the surgeries seems making her looked more attractive and hotter too. What do you think? Which one of her that you prefer to?

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