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Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Julie Bowen might be one of celebrities who might never feel of being old. As you know that she has been over 40, but her appearance is still attractive, gorgeous and hot. What’s the secret? did he get her great look naturally? In truth, the people sdidn’t believe if she is growing old naturallly. The plastic surgery should be behind this.

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After
Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox Injection

Julie might get some botox injection to refresh her appearance. The botox itself could be used to removed the signs of aging like wrinkles or line on the forehead. As the result, you may take a look at her picture now. She appeared with a more flawless look. The botox was controlled well. However, it looked too flawless for a common 40 years old woman.

Beside having the botox injection, there’s also a great possibility of boob job (breast implants)

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

breast implants
the sign of the procedure looked so obvious. The size of her current breast looked so big and perfectly round. Plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn got the same opinion about it. he noticed that Julie Bowen’s boobs looked so clear as the result of the boob job. In the other hand, Michael Salzhauer also responded an agreement with it.

Talking about plastic surgery, Julie Bowen actually didn’t express completely about the speculations. She only admitted one procedure. To the Health Magazine, Julie said that she got laser treatment to keep her skin fresh. This procedure might also make her skin clean and clear like today.

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