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Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Julie Chen certainly has a really interesting story with plastic surgery. The 44 years old American TV personality looked like someone else. When her old picture revealed to the public, many people feel shocked. they even wonder what Julie had done so far.

By comparing her previous and latest picture, you will realize the big changes on her face. She got different nose and eyes. And those two significant changes were caused by procedures like eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and nose job (rhinoplasty)

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After
Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After

the first change on her face was her eyes. As you know that Julie Chen has a Chinese blood. From the old picture, you can see how her eyes look like. She used to have narrower eyes like common Chinese. After the blepharoplasty, she created her eyes to be more open. Her eye looked so beautiful and fresh. Of course her current eyes created a new image. The eyelid surgery made her Asian eyes changed

the second significant change was on her nose. She used to have big nose with a more bulbous tip. Many people wondered what she felt about er nose, so that she went under a rhinoplasty. Did she feel not satisfied or what? In truth, the rhinoplasty made great influence. It made her nose become narrower and the tip looked smaller and more pointed.

Julie Chen had surprisingly transformed as a beautiful woman. She looked so satisfied with the result. Julie had rebuilt her appearance through plastic surgery. The people wondered what she really think of her old appearance. She now has a new image as beautiful career woman.

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