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Jun Ji Hyun Plastic Surgery, Fact or Rumor?

You might enjoy how Jun Ji Hyun acted  in her recent Korean Drama “My Love From The Star”. She played alongside Kim Soo Hyun. Jun Ji Hyun looked very attractive and gorgeous. She is one of the most popular actress in Korea today. However, some news reported that Jun Ji Hyun was helped by plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Most of her fans disagree with this. Jun Ji Hyun plastic surgery news become hot thread in some forums. Let’s check this out.

Jun Ji Hyun Plastic Surgery
Jun Ji Hyun Plastic Surgery

Double eyelid surgery

this procedure is a favorite Korean plastic surgery procedure. Most Korean celebrities had gone under this procedure. In Jun Ji Hyun’s case, i’s still debatable.If you compare between her before look and the after, you can see that her current eyes looked a little bit bigger than she used to have, this could be the effect of double eyelid surgery. However, this case also brings a lot of controversial statements. Most of her fans denied the speculations. This also could be the effect of make up.

Nose job

Beside the double eyelid surgery, Jun Ji Hyun was also said having a nose job as well. The change of the nose can be seen. Her  nose looked bit slimmer now. But some people denied it as a nose job result. They believed that the slimmer nose was influenced by the make up, camera or lighting.

Both double eyelid and nose job are quite popular. Most Korean celebrities got its combination. Some of them even did jaw surgery to make the plastic surgery more successful. Kim Ah Joong, Lee Bo Young, Park Min Young are Korean stars who went under the surgeries.

How about Jun Ji Hyun plastic surgery? is it fact or rumor?

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