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Jung So Min Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

If you are a Korean drama lovers, then you must know this pretty and cute lady, Jung So Min. The 25 years old actress ever played alongside Kim Hyun Joong in “Playful Kiss”. We believe that you ever watched this. behind her cute and nice look, some people assumed that she received some plastic surgery treatments. Was that true? Let’s see, whether Jung so Min Plastic surgery news is a fact or rumor. Some people assumed tat she got nose job (rhinoplasty) and a little work with double eyelid surgery as well.

Jung So Min Plastic Surgery
Jung So Min Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job

You’ve known well that many Korean celebrities had gone under the same procedure, nose job (medically known as (rhinoplasty). The people noticed that there was a change on Jung So Min nose after comparing the before and after picture. So Min used to have bigger nose with a more bulbous tip. But after years, her nose looked having narrower shape with a more defined and straighter shape. they doubt if it was the effect of lighting or make up. The nose job is more possible. How’s the eyes?

Jung So Min Plastic Surgery Before and After
Jung So Min Plastic Surgery Before and After

Double eyelid surgery

This kind of plastic surgery was still debatable. Jung so Min’s eyes still looked narrower till now. But If we compare to her previous eyes, the new one looked a bit bigger. It can’t be judge as plastic surgery work. but, if she really did it, she might get a minor work. Did you see it as double eyelid surgery?

Those surgeries are being discussed by some people. many people might disagree with this. But everyone should have different opinion. How about you? Did you see any sign of plastic surgery on her cute face?

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