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Justin Theroux Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

Justin Paul Theroux, 43, is known well as an American actor. He had starred in various titles of movies. Now, he has just married with beautiful and attractive actress, Jennifer Aniston. You know that Jennifer was listed among the female plastic surgery users. She got her nose and the boobs done (Read more about Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery). How was Justin Theroux?

Justin Theroux PLastic Surgery Fact or Rumor
Justin Theroux PLastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Some medias reported that Justin Theroux plastic surgery was so possible. However to the media, Justin and Jennifer tried to deny all the speculation. Reported by Mirror, Jennifer Aniston stated that she won’t do any cosmetic surgery on her face, because Justin would be outraged. That might mean if Justin Theroux has no desire to go under beauty enhancement.

However, by seeing his current look, you may have something in your mind. If only he didn’t go under a major work, he may do at least botox injection on his face. Justin’s forehead said it so. His smooth look indicated a possible work of botox injection. This could be the main reason why he didn’t have any wrinkles or lines left on his face.

Even though this couple tried to deny the speculation about it, the people won’t believe. They were still sure that Justin Theroux was not just a pure speculation. The cosmetic surgery made his face looks younger than his own age. Beside, some people also noticed his nose as the result of nose job. What do you have in mind about Justin Theroux plastic surgery?

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