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Justin Timberlake Plastic Surgery Through Nose Job

Who doesn’t know Justin Timberlake? He is a talented singer and song-writer. He is also good asan actor. He had starred several movies. Justin, 34, now lives happily with Jessica Biel. They married in 2012. as a popular stars, he can’t avoid many speculations that approaching. It’s not just about his career as a celebrity. He was also said having plastic surgery. Based on some news, he might get botox injection. He also got her nose changed, a sign of a nose job.

Justin Timberlake Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor
Justin Timberlake Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Was Justin Timberlake plastic surgery true or not?

This thread is still debatable. Some people noticed that he looks different compared to his previous appearance. His smooth and flawless look could be the effect of regular botox injection in recent years.  The pictures suggested this speculation, despite he is not in serious aging problem.

His current appearance looks having no signs of aging like wrinkles or lines. His face looks completely smooth. That’s why the people assumed that Jessica Biel’s husband had got the botox.

Justin Timberlake Nose Job
Justin Timberlake Nose Job

Besides, there was also a possibility of nose job work (rhinoplasty). You might realize the change on the shape of his nose. It appeared with a more refined look. The nose now got straighter and slimmer shape. the tip of the nose also looked more pointed.

However, the thread about Justin Timberlake nose job was still in warm discussion. Justin himself has no desire to explain about this speculation.

How do you see his current appearance? Do you see any signs of a truth? Leave your comment about Justin Timberlake plastic surgery in the available box. And read also Jessica Biel Plastic surgery.

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