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K. Michelle Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast and Butt Implants

Kimberly Michelle Pate, or popularly known as K. Michelle is a very talented and hot musician. Surprisingly, the 30 years old lady had made a lot of people shocked and surprised. Because she had revealed about plastic surgery as the secret of her beauty. Unlike many other celebrities who decide to close their mouth, K. Michelle told the public that she feeel great after the surgeries.

Some plastic surgeries that she actually got including breast implants, butt implants, liposuction and cheek surgery. Knowing that K Michelle got her breast and butt done.It reminded us to Kim Kardashian. To the huffingtonpost, K Michelle explained that she had transferred an amount of fat to her butt and the implants were inserted to her breast. Further she also admitted that she got liposuction to suck out the fat from her stomach.

K Michelle Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
K Michelle Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Breast implants
Many women dreamed to have big breasts and curvy body. With the new technology like plastic surgery. The user can make the flat chest to be busty. K. Michelle did the same. After having the breast implants (boob job), her breast become bigger and rounder than before.

K Michelle Plastic Surgery Butt Implants
K Michelle Plastic Surgery Butt Implants

Butt Implants

the second procedure was the butt implants. Kimberly had already explained. You can take a look at the before and after picture. Her butt looked fuller now. Some amount of fat had been injected to the butt. This could be from the liposuction she got on her stomach. In this case, the people wondered what she actually feel with the butt. Did she still feel natural?

Cheek Surgery

K Michelle also got her cheek done with surgery. The shape of the cheek looked a bit change. You can compare the changes on the picture as well

So far, those surgeries are some procedures that she openly explain to public. She might feel very confident with her new appearance. Some people think that she might do too much procedures. But even so, K never feel or share the problem she got after having them.Will she do more surgeries


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