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Kandi Burruss Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

Kandi Burruss is known well as a singer. She used to be a member of X-Scape (Tameka Cottle group-mate). And she also appears in popular TV program The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Like many Real Housewives stars, Kandi Burruss was also reported by many medias and netizen as a plastic surgery lover.

Kandi Burruss Breast Implants
Kandi Burruss Breast Implants

The change on her appearance was seen on her face and her boobs. Based on the news, Kandi Burruss plastic surgery included a nose job and breast implants. And she might get botox injection to keep her fresh look as well.

You may try to compare the before and after picture. And you make sure if Kandi Burruss Breast implants and nose job are true or not.

Kandi Burruss Plastic Surgery Botox Nose Job
Kandi Burruss Plastic Surgery Botox Nose Job

Kandi Burruss nose job

If you see her nose in the before picture, Kandi used to wide nose with rounder tip.Now it appeared in more refined look with nicely cut tip.  The nose job might be done in minor work.

Another significant change on her appearance was seen from the shape off her breasts. It looked bigger and rounder than before,. Did she really get breast implants? Kandi Burrus had ever confirmed about the breast implants news in 2014. To the public, she claimed that she didn’t get any boob job done. It was posted in her own Instagram. It could be the effect of push  up bra.

Kandi Burruss Instagram
Credit: Kandi Burruss in Instagram
Kandi Burruss
Credit: Kandi Burruss Instagram

how was the botox injection? The botox was also said a s procedure that she got in recent years. This could be the reason why she got smooth look. However, some people still believed that the botox was just a pure speculation. Because her face still looked natural.

What ddo you think of her appearance? Did she get help from doctor?

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