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Kang Sora Plastic Surgery Before and After

Among the celebrities, the changes on Kang Sora appearance might be one of the most shocking. Kang Sora used to have big body. And now, she appeared with a very attractive, sexy and slim body figure. It reminded us to a movie “200 Pounds of beauty”. Many people wondered what her secret was. Beside losing weight,the people assumed that Kang Sora might do something more than that. Kang Sora plastic surgery speculation might be true.

Kang Sora Plastic Surgery Before and After
Kang Sora Plastic Surgery Before and After

The “Dr. Stranger” star got some changes on herΒ  eyes shape, nose and possibly the jaw as well.

Double eyelid surgery

this procedure is very popular in Korea. It seems Sora got this done on her eyes too. You can see that Sora got very narrow eyes in the past. And after she lost so much weight, her eyes also looked changes a lot. the shape of her eyes looked more open now. There’s no doubt if it was the result of double eyelid surgery (You might remember Kim Ah Joong or Yoon Eun Hye).

Nose Job

Nose job (rhinoplasty) is probably the second obvious procedure on her face. To make her appearance looked better and more beautiful, she might get the nose job. This i a supporting way to refine her look. Compare to the previous nose, the new one looked having narrower shape. It appeared so perfectly for her face. This is quite surprising. She totally looked different person.

Kang Sora Plastic Surgery
Kang Sora Plastic Surgery

Jaw surgery

another plastic surgery that she might do was the Jaw surgery. Even though she got weight loss, we don’t think taht her face would turn to be like now. We still believe that she also need jaw surgery. As the result, her face looked more oval.

The change on her appearance looked so shocking. she might do more than those 3 procedures. Liposuction that causes the weight loss might also be possible. Kang Sora looked like a new person. The result of her effort looked so perfect. You also can’t deny it.Β  If only this speculation was true, she need to be listed among the Korean plastic surgery users.


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