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Kari Byron Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants

MythBuster TV show star, Kari Byron is so sexy and beautiful. Even though she is nearly 40 years old but her attractive look is still able to make a lot of people love her. Beside her talent and career, her apperance is really interesting part of her life to be discussed.

Kari Byron’s appearance was said as plastic surgery result. Her smooth face and big breast are the parts of her body that was possibly done with beauty enhancements.

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery Before and After
Kari Byron Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox injection

Kari Byron is gorgeous American TV host. As a person who is viewed by a lot of people, she might believed that appearance is an important thing along side talent and professionalism.

As everybody know that, Kari should already have aging problem because she has been over 30 right now. However, the signs of aging is hard to be found. She might use an amount of botox injection on her face regularly. Therefore, her face looked so flawless and smooth.

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Kari Byron Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Beside the botox, Kari might also get breast implants (boob job). You can see from the pictures. The size of her breast looked drastically changed. Her new breasts looked bigger than before.

This news had become controversial news among the people. Some of them even believed that the change of her breast was caused by the weight gain when she was pregnant and gave a birth.

So sad, Kari Byron didn’t give a single word to explain about this. What do you have in mind talking about it? did she really get breast implants?

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