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Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Kat Von D, whose real name is Kat Von Drachenberg, is a beloved tattoo artist, who has a ton of fans, celebrities and non-celebrities alike. She dropped out of high school at 16 to start working at a tattoo parlor. It there she started to hone her skills that would eventually make her very famous.

As Kat Von D has gotten famous, people have noticed her unique appearance. With her body covered with interesting tattoos, people notice if any has changed with her looks. Whether it is a haircut or not, most people know when a celebrity looks different and Kat Von D is not an exception.

And many people think that the tattoo artist has enhanced her looks with plastic surgeries. Her current appearance looks different from past pictures of her. This has led many to believe these plastic surgery rumors.

Based on Von D’s appearance, we believe the tattoo artist has gotten a nose job, breast implants, eyebrow surgery, Botox, and filler injections.

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job

Rhinoplasty, which is common called a nose job, is very popular plastic surgery procedure in America. In fact, it is one of the most common surgeries in Hollywood, and many celebrities have either admitted or rumored to have gotten one.

Kat is one of these celebrities to have a rumored nose job. There are many ways that make-up is used to slim facial features, but if you look at the pictures you will see that the artist’s nose shape is too different for it to just be make-up.

If you compare the before and after pictures, you will notice that the tattoo artist’s nose has changed over the years. In the before pictures, you can see that Kat’s nose is has a bulbous shape. This nose did not completely complement her face structure.

In the after pictures, you can see that the nose is narrow. The narrow nose complements her facial structure. This nose makes her face look more symmetrical, which makes her look more attractive.

This possible nose job is correctly done as it enhances Kat’s natural face shape. The narrow shape of this new nose is very beautiful, and it enhances Kat’s natural beauty. By that I mean, it looks natural and it is not as obvious as other celebrities who had the procedure done in the past.

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before and After
Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before and After

Breast Implants

Breast implants are another popular type of plastic surgery for both celebrities and non-famous women. Many women get this surgery to not only make their breast bigger but to make their ta-tas fuller as well.

Kat Von D’s breast have looked fuller than they have in the past. While it could be just the bra she is wearing or a make-up technique used to make her boobs look bigger, we do not believe that this is the case.

If you look at any old picture of Kat, like say from 2009, you will notice that her breasts are not only flatter, but they also have a smaller shape. While most people would think that Kat’s new buster look is due to a bra or something. However, it is very noticeable when she wears something slinky.

More recent photos of the artist has shown her breast being fuller and bigger. This is very noticeable when Kat is wearing form-fitting clothes. Due to the shape differences, it is quite obvious that she has had her boobs done.

While make-up techniques can create an illusion of fuller breasts, it cannot change breast shapes. And a great bra can make any breasts look great, but most woman do not wear bras with tops and dresses that are strapless or have very thin straps.

And it is in these types of clothing that it is quite obvious that she has had work done. This breast job looks really great, as her boobs are more fitting to her figure. Also she got breasts implants that do not overwhelm your frame as some women often do when they get breast augmentations.

Whether Kat had a boob job or not, her breasts look great.

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Eyebrow Lift Surgery

This may sound wired but you can surgically change your eyebrows’ position. Yes, an eyebrow lift is a real thing. The purpose of a brow lift is to reduce wrinkles lines and raise sagging eyebrows to make the face look more youthful.

Many people who opt for an eyebrow are older, like in their 60’s, and they want to recapture their youthful appearance. But in Hollywood, there are many people who are rumored to have this procedure that are in the 40s, as the industry is obsessed with youth.

While Kat is in her mid-30s, it seems that she has had this procedure done. If you look at before and after pictures, you can see that Kat’s eyebrows look different. Different, not different as she changed the way she styled her eyebrows, but different as her eyebrows moved a few centimeters.

Whether this rumor is true or not, Kat’s eyebrows look great. This procedure has given her a more youthful appearance. As sagging eyebrows are a sign of aging. But Kat’s high eyebrows gives her a younger look.

Although unnoticeable, the tattoo artist’s eyebrows are different.


If an eyebrow lift can reduce wrinkles, then Botox can help with this. Many women over the age of 30 get Botox injections. Botox can help reduce wrinkles. This injection is mainly used in the facial area.

This injection is quite popular, especially with celebrities. It is one of the most common injections that celebrities do as it is a quick fix for any problem areas that make celebrities look not youthful.

Many celebrities came forward and admitted that they at least have done once. However, there are those who keep their injection history a secret. Kat Von D is not the first or last celebrity to get Botox, but with the tattoo artist it is not a well-kept secret.

As it is quite obvious that Kat Von D has had this injection. Most women her age tend to get wrinkles in the forehead. And her forehead is super smooth.

It hard to cover up wrinkles, especially those in the forehead, with make-up techniques. So our money is on Kat having Botox done to her forehead. As her forehead looks much youthful than it did when she was younger.


Fillers are the type of procedure that we know that many celebrities have gotten. Kind of like Botox, there are celebrities who have admitted that they have tried this procedure while there are those who are rumored to have it done. But those celebrities have never denied or conform the filler injection rumors.

For those wondering, a filler is an injection that replaces soft tissue as a way to fill wrinkles and skin folds. And it is quite obvious that Kat Von D has had this treatment.

In before pictures, you can see that her face containing signs of aging such as frown lines and folds around her eyes. This type of aging start to show up as a woman reaches her 30s, and it is quite normal.

However, in recent picture of the tattoo artist show a different picture. In these recent pictures you see that Kat Von D’s face is quite smooth, and those signs of aging have all but disappear.

Anyone who knows make-up can tell you that make-up can do a lot of things, but it cannot hide skin folds that well. Since the skin folds near Kat’s eyes have seen to be gone, it may be a sign that she has had this procedure done.

Another obvious sign is that Kat Von D no longer have frown lines. For a woman her age to not have frown lines is amazing. And since she had them once before, we can assume that she used a filler to make them disappear.

Or she could have used Botox, but her cheeks look less puffy. And many people do use certain types of fillers to help define cheekbones. Kat Von D’s cheekbones have been more define in recent years, especially when you compare pictures of her from a decade ago.

Whether if you think Kat Von D has had work done is up to you, but you cannot deny that she looks completely different from a decade ago. Her breast looks bigger, her nose looks smaller, and she seemed to look younger than she did a decade ago.

There can be many reasons why Kat Von D looks different such as a really amazing make-up artist. But it is quite obvious that she has had some work done, and it is not a bad thing.

In fact, she is still a natural beauty like she was ten years ago. Her possible plastic surgery has enhanced her looks, and that is never a bad thing. Kat Von D looks amazing, no matter what she did or did not do in the terms of plastic surgery.


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