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Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose job, Breast Implants

Kate Hudson recently became one of the hottest topic among the public figure. Actually, Kate has a very attractive look and nice body figure. However, she can’t hide from all the speculation approaching her. Kate was said as one of the celebrities who enhance the appearance with some works. And these topic has been discussed by many people. As everybody know that America and Plastic surgery is so close. Most american celebrities had done this procedure. How is kate? what kind of plastic surgery that she did?

Talking about the plastic surgery in this country, the people might feel no shock. But if the plastic surgery was done by your most favorite celebrity, there must be another reason to say “what?!”

Kate Hudson Nose Job
Kate Hudson Nose Job

Nose Job

like many other celebrities in America, kate might join the trend. She did a nose job, or medically best known as a rhinoplasty. Miley cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Jenniferr Aniston are some of the celebrities who had tried the sensation. Kate got her nose reshaped too. Her current nose looked narrower than before. This is a sign of nose job. the procedure made the bridge slimmer now.
However, some people didn’t see any good adventage of her work. They said that the nose job that Kte did was only for a new image, not make her any better.

kate hudson plastic surgery before after breast implants
kate hudson plastic surgery before after breast implants

Breast Implants
Another shocking change on her appearance is the boob size. It was said as the result of boob job (breast implants). From the pictures spread, it was clearly seen that her breast looked much bigger than before. Kate seems got a big adventage from her imlanted breast. she looked more confident now.

besides, considering her age which has been 35 and her flawless look, the people also concerned that she might do cosmetic surgeries. botox injection or some fillers might take a role in this. Kate must be pleased and grateful taht those thing was not overdone, and she wwas still recognizable.
What do you think of her? Do you think that she lost her natural beauty?

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