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Kate Hudson – Possible Plastic Surgery Before And After

Kate Hudson, the daughter of Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn and rocker Bill Hudson, rose to frame in the 2000s for roles in films such as Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. It is rumored that the driving force behind Hudson’s career is the success of her mother. And like her mother, the actress is considered to be extremely attractive.

The similarities between mother and daughter do not end there since Kate Hudson is said to have some work done. it is believed that Hudson had two very popular cosmetic surgeries that are regularly done in Hollywood – breast implants and a rhinoplasty (nose job). While the surgeries are common everywhere, I am convinced by the before and after pictures that Kate Hudson might have had gone under the knife. If the actress did get any procedures done, she complimented and enhanced her natural beauty.

Breast Implants

Any longtime fan of Kate Hudson does not have to be an expert plastic surgeon to notice the sizable difference of her breast size, especially if you compare current pictures of her to past ones. Her breasts are bigger and fuller, and she is no longer flat chested. It is the most obvious when she wears dresses that have a plunging neckline or are strapless. Although she did not go overboard with her implants, her bust size looks noticeably large.

It is quite clear when you compare the shape of Kate Hudson’s breasts now with her former size, that her bust was enlarged through surgery rather than age and other natural causes such as childbirth. It is true that after pregnancy, breasts sizes can change, but they do not look as full once the swelling goes down. Kate Hudson’s breast look fuller, years after she had her youngest child which can only happen via implants.

There is nothing wrong with breast implants, in fact it is so common now, it is only noticeable when a woman goes up more than one bra cup. From what I can notice, when comparing old and recent pictures of Kate Hudson, it is not that obvious that she had implants in that it could be from natural causes. Since she had very small boobs, it is more than likely that she had implants.

Breast Implants in Other Celebrities

People in Hollywood are in an image based industry. Because of this, breast implants have become a rational decision for many famous women. Being in the public eye puts pressure on celebrities, and some famous people opt for enhancing their looks through plastic surgery such as breast augmentation.

Breast implants have been popular among the famous for many years. Many other celebrities have had breast augmentation for a multitude of reasons. Some, like Victoria Beckham, Jenny McCarthy, and Angelina Jolie, have admitted to getting a boob job. For example, Jolie got her augmentation after her double mastectomy, but others have gotten boob jobs as a way to improve their self-esteem. There are others, like Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner, that are reported to have gotten their breast enlarged; rumors that both Cyrus and Jenner have denied.

Because of boob jobs are common, many fans and Hollywood producers have started to prefer seeing actresses with large bust sizes. Whether it is natural or achieved through the alternative have an average or large bust size is an advantage in Hollywood. And considering there was once a rumor that Hudson was insecure with her natural breast size, it is no surprise that she might have had them done.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

A nose job, which is medical known as a rhinoplasty, is one of the simplest cosmetic procedures that is performed. It is a very common procedure that people have done for many reasons including image and health reasons such as breathing problems. But in Hollywood, most nose jobs are done for image reasons and not health. This includes the one Kate Hudson has had done.

Due to a noticeable change in Kate Hudson’s nose, it is quite reasonable to assume she has had a nose job. Hudson’s original nose did not compliment her beauty, in fact it made her look somewhat like a plain Jane. Although it was slight changes, her nose became slightly more narrow and the bridge was fixed to better fit a narrow build. This allowed her new nose to compliment her facial more than her original one.

The magnificent results complimented her face to so well that it is obvious when you look at past pictures of Kate Hudson. Looking at picture of the actress from 2012, you will notice that she actually looks older than she does now. Her new nose actually makes her look younger, which is an asset in a very image driven career like a Hollywood actress.

Rhinoplasty and Other Celebrities

As stated before, rhinoplasty is quite common both in and outside of Hollywood. Like any other type of plastic surgery, there are many reasons why people get a nose job. Because it is Hollywood, not all celebrities are willing to admit to having work done, and some have done for different reasons.

Famous people who have had nose jobs include Cameron Diaz, Ashlee Simpson, and Jennifer Grey. Cameron Diaz has stated that she did have to get a rhinoplasty after breaking her nose four times. While Ashlee Simpson had her nose done since she reportedly was very insecure about her original nose. Unlike Ashlee Simpson, whose nose job complimented her face, the nose job of Jennifer Grey almost left Grey unrecognizable.

There are some celebrities who are rumored to have had their nose done like Kim Kardashian who have denied the claims. Even though it is super noticeable with some of those in Hollywood. Whether Kate Hudson admits to the nose job or not, her slight nose job is one of the best rumored celebrity rhinoplasty done in recent years.


Compared to other celebrities that either admitted to having or are rumored to have gone under the knife, Kate Hudson’s work is neither obvious or inconspicuous. If she did get cosmetic surgery, she was smart enough to make unnoticeable to people do not pay attention to celebrity culture but slightly noticeable to even most casual fan. We all know that if any celebrity has obvious work done to them, it is all over the news, and in some cases it may almost ruin a star’s career. But if the cosmetic surgery is inconspicuous, then the public will never know.

Although Kate Hudson has never confirmed or denied these rumors, her nose and breasts look different from when she first entered the spotlight after playing the iconic Penny Lane in Almost Famous.

For all we know, I could be wrong. Maybe it was a combination of factors such as age, having children, and make-up techniques that create a different look for the actress. Whether it is plastic surgery or makeup and flattering clothing, you cannot deny that Kate Hudson looks way different then she did almost twenty years ago. It is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact she looks great. Hudson looks better than many celebrities including those who underwent unnoticeable cosmetic procedures.

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