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Kate Upton Plastic surgery Before and After

Kate Upton is a very attractive and hot actress. Many people even listed her name as one of the sexiest woman in this planet. Her curvy and hot body shape become the people’s attention. Therefore, in some discussion forums, Kate Upton plastic surgery became one of the hottest topic to discuss. Did she really get it? You may try to find it in the before and after pictures. Based on the speculations, the 23 years old star may get 2 major procedures including nose job and breast implants. As a model and popular actress, Kate may feel that appearance was an important thing. Let’s see how the procedures done.

Kate Upton Plastic Surgery Through nose job
Kate Upton Plastic Surgery Through nose job

Kate Upton nose job

It’s no longer an old story that many celebrities loved to spend the money to get perfect look. And the nose job (rhinoplasty) was one of the procedures which they got. Kate’s current nose looked more refined and slimmer. The people indicated that it was a sign of rhinoplasty. Kate Upton nose job was done nicely. It looked match for her face.

Kate Upton Breast Implants
Kate Upton Breast Implants

Kate Upton plastic surgery through breast implants

Beside the nose job, she also might have breast implants. The sign of this procedure can be seen easily. Yes, the size of her boobs looked bigger and rounder than she used to have. When she was younger. she got 32B size of boobs, after the boob job, the change looked significant. Her current boobs is twice bigger.  You may have an idea about Kate Upton breast implants. Some people thought that it was a bit overdone. The boobs looked too perfect to be natural boobs.

Despite the boob job controversy, it seems Kate enjoyed herself with her curvy body. What do you have in mid about Kate Upton plastic surgery? Do you think she get nice nose job too?

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