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Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Katey Sagal is not young anymore. However, you might be surprised after seeing how she looked like now. She still look great and youthful. The singer and actress was said having plastic surgery procedure to keep her beautiful appearance. Because she looked too good for a 60 years old woman. By seeing her current appearance, she might get botox injection and facelift as well.

Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery Before and After
Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox injection
you might know this procedure so well. It is one of the most favorite procedure chosen by celebrities, especially for them who got problem with the aging. This botox could help the user to keep away from wrinkles.
Katey possibly got botox injection. If you take a look at her latest appearance. You will not find any wrinkles or lines on her forehead. It appeared so smoothly and flawless. Katey looked a lot younger than her own age. She looked 20 years younger now.

Beside that the facelift might have been done on her facial skin too. Both facelift and botox had become a great combination. The facelift had tightened her skin and the botox refreshed her upper face. Katey is so lucky that those procedures were done well.

Even though there was no single word said by her.But her youthful look seems impossible without surgery done. A plastic surgeon must have a role behind it.
Talking about the surgery, Dr. Sherrell J Ashton also give her comment. she believed that Katey had got botox injection on her face, on her frown creases

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