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Kathie Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery

Kathie Lee Gifford might feel that she had been getting older from time to time. her age is currently over 50s. She already entered the age where many people had felt the aging problem. To maintain her youthful look, she then decided some cosmetic surgeries like facelift and botox. Kathie had already told the public that she had used botox injection regularly. Beside that some people also noticed that she got a nose job and cheek implants s well. even though she didn’t clearly explain them.

Kathy Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery Before And After
Kathy Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery Before And After

The Botox and Facelift

her face is enough to explain whether she took facelift botox and facelift or not. Her face looked so smooth and flawless. She didn’t clearly have sagging skin or wrinkles on her face. the botox injection have removed all the wrinkles and lines on the forehead, while the facelift was done to tighten her face. However, the people saw that Kathie didn’t have the best shot in doing those procedures. Her face looked so tight and frozen. it’s not natural. She even looked weird each time she smile or expressing happy or sad emotions.

Besides, Kathie Lee also might do other enhancement, cheek implants and nose job.

The cheek implants
this procedure created a plump cheek on her face. She might want to make her face looked younger with a puffy cheek. However it didn’t change anything. Her face still looked frozen, even though she looked younger.

Kathy Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Kathy Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery Nose Job

nose job.
this procedure is another unexplained plastic surgery that she did. Th nose job (medically known as rhinoplasty) was possibly done by her. her nose looked slimmer. and the tip was reshaped as well.

From the plastic surgeries that she took, it seems she had bet her natural beauty with the fake one. even though she looked bit frozen, Kathie looked still enjoying it. However, some people still appreciated the way she fought the aging. She might be very inspired to have youthful look. She even dare to spend a lot of money for this. but the people also hope that she could live more naturally and healthier from now on. plastic surgery was not always a good friend.

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