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Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Kathy Griffin, actress, comedian, and self-proclaim D-Lister, loves to share everything about her life. From her stand-up routines, interviews, and books, we learn more about her than we ever wanted to know. But usually these stories are hilarious, interesting, and candid.

But like many celebrities, A-List and D-List alike, there were some celebrity gossip about Griffin around. These rumors were about the comedian’s appearance and how she had some plastic surgery.

Most celebrities face these rumors by denying that they had any work done. They claim that any changes to their body is due to age, diet, exercise, and other excuses. Most of the time, it is quite obvious that they went under the knife.

Unlike most celebrities, Griffin has come clean about getting work done on herself. And the procedures she had done were quite obvious. She has stated that her change of appearance was not due to age or diet, but the result of going under the knife.

This refreshing change makes us want to talk about what things Griffin had done to her as she looks great. The comedian has stated that she has had liposuction, a brow lift with a chemical peel, and a nose job.

Kathy Griffin Nose Job
Kathy Griffin Nose Job

Nose Job

As a very popular plastic surgery procedure in America, many people, celebrities and non-celebrities alike, has had a nose job. There are many reasons why people get a nose job whether they are insecure with their nose or they have breathing problems caused by a deviated septum.

And Kathy Griffin is no exception. The comedian wanted to change the shape of her nose as she thought it was too big. Griffin has stated that she underwent the procedure to slim her nose, and it was a success as you can see in the after picture.


In the before pictures, you can see that her nose is big and did not compliment her face. Her nose overwhelmed her face and made her look homely. And in the after pictures, you can see how her slimmer nose complimented her face.

This slimmer nose enhanced Griffin’s amazing cheekbones, and it made her not homely anymore. And it is quite obvious that she had one since a stark contrast is present between the before and after pictures.

This contrast makes it seem that you are looking at two different people. While that is usually a terrible thing for a celebrity as their registration is very important to their jobs, it seemed to work for Griffin. As she had the procedure done before she was famous.

That is why her nose job is amazing as we would not know the difference if Griffin never told anyone.

It is quite refreshing to see a celebrity be as candid about their plastic surgery Kathy Griffin. Most celebrities would rather deny having any work done unless if it was a botched job or if it became a cautionary tale.

Kathy Griffin Plastic surgery Liposuction
Kathy Griffin Plastic surgery Liposuction


Liposuction is very popular plastic surgery procedure that people have done on them. This procedure where fat is sucked from the body. Common body parts that people get liposuction are the abdomen, butt, legs, arms, chin, back, neck, and chin.

This procedure is very common with stars in Hollywood. In fact, it is so common that most people do not notice it unless if it is botched or if the celebrity announces it to the world.

People who have liposuction do it to maintain their figure and Kathy Griffin is no exception. Griffin was able to keep her figure as women tend to gain weight as they get older.

If you look at before and after pictures of Griffin, you notice that she has kept her very slim figure. She looks thinner than before and her stomach seems flatter. It was obvious that she had liposuction.

This is quick fix for people who are too busy to workout. Since the comedian always as a busy schedule, liposuction is a great way for her to keep her figure without doing any long workouts.

While there are paparazzi pictures of Griffin taking a walk or jogging, at times, it seems that she is too busy to workout. This procedure was great for as her slim figure has always looked great.

And this procedure allowed her to keep it in a way that fit into her schedule. The procedure itself is quick. The recovery time is also quick as most people can return to any daily activities within a two weeks, and they can go back to work within a few days.

Griffin was had liposuction more than once. The first time Griffin had liposuction left her feeling disappointed. The first procedure caused Griffin to suffer from some bad side-effects that liposuction causes. As the comedian suffered from pain every time she tried moving.

However, second time the charm, as the second procedure was successful. Griffin not only looks great, but she is now able to move around without pain.

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before and After
Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Brow lift and Chemical Peel

Brow lifts are a very common among celebrities in Hollywood. This procedure allows older people to keep a young appearance as it makes wrinkles, especially frown lines disappear.

As people get older, they develop wrinkles and their skin starts to sag. In a youth conscious industry, Kathy Griffin had to find a way to keep her youthful look. To keep her face looking fresh, Griffin had a brow lift.

In before pictures, you can see the signs of aging in Griffin’s face. Around her eyes, you could see the crows feet, the wrinkles and the signs of sagging skin. You could also see the defining frown lines, wrinkles, and discoloration on the rest of her face.

But in the after pictures, you can see that the brow lift worked. All of her problem areas near her eyes were gone. While you can see a few wrinkles underneath her eyes, it is not as bad as before the brow lift.

She looks younger and her eyes look better. They no longer look very ragged, but they look revived. The sagging skin is not tighter and she looks great.

This brow lift made the comedian’s skin feel very smooth. However, this brow lift was combined with a chemical peel, which allowed tightened and revived Griffin’s facial skin.

Chemical peels are very popular as it removes any and all facial imperfections such as dark spots and discoloration. This is great for those who want to fix any facial imperfections without using treatments like Botox if they use a chemical peel for wrinkles.

And you can see the difference that chemical peel has done to Griffin’s skin. As stated above, her skin looked ragged near the eyes and there were dark spots in some parts of her face in the before pictures.

In the after pictures, you can see how tight and clear Griffin’s face has become. The dark spots that you can see in some pictures of the comedian are gone. The chemical peel helped the dark spots disappear.

This chemical peel also made the deep frown lines around Griffin’s face disappear. This makes her look younger as deep frown lines are a sign of aging. The peel tightened her face and made her skin look clearer.

However, some people think that Kathy Griffin went too far with her brow lift and believe that the comedian has lost her natural looks. But we do not believe that this is true.

celebrities that are cautionary tales against getting plastic surgery, and Griffin does not belong in these tales.

She did not overdo it as all the brow lift and chemical peels did was work on the problem areas that she had that prevented her to look youthful.

It was also reported that the comedian has had her teeth enhanced via dental implants. But this might just be rumor as we do not see any evidence that she had this procedure done.

But you never know with Kathy Griffin. So until she comes out and tells everyone that she had dental implants, we are just going to assume it is a rumor.

However, the work that Griffin had done looks great. Even the corrective liposuction that she had given the illusion that it was the only time she had the procedure done. The doctors that worked on the comedian did a fantastic job as it is obvious that she looks great.

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