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Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery Through Nose Job and Breast Implants

Who doesn’t know Katie Holmes? She was best known for her role in “Dawson’s Creek”. And she is also Tom Cruise’ ex-wife. Even though she has been 36 years old, the people knew that she has great charm and attractive look. You won’t feel bored each time you look at her. Talking about her appearance further, she actually did some beauty enhancements. The thread of Katie Holmes plastic surgery is no longer new thing. It has been discussed few years ago, Some of you might feel curious about the change on her appearance. You can see and compare the before and after picture.

Katie Holmes Nose Job
Katie Holmes Nose Job

The procedure that she got included a nose job. And she was also reported having breast implants. Commenting about Katie Holmes plastic surgery, Dr. Anthony Youn agreed that Katie got her nose done with rhinoplasty (nose job). Dr Youn told that the nose job made her nose thinner. The tip and the dorsum got significant transformation. It looked so obvious.

The surgery itself was done nicely and not overdone. But not all the people seems agree with her decision. Some people thought that her previous appearance looked better than her new appearance. The nose job built up her confidence.

Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Speculation
Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Speculation

How was Katie Holmes breast implant speculation?

This speculation was still debatable. Some news reported that she had already increased the volume of her breast through the boob job. But it was still unproven. The people can only compare her before and after picture.  The picture showed that her breasts changed on the size. But it lacks of evidence to prove it as a plastic surgery result. How do you see it? Do you think that it was Katie Holmes breast implants?

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