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Katty Kay Plastic Surgery Before and After

Many people put a lot of questions about BBC News correspondent, Katty Kay lately. It’s not about her career, but it’s related to her current appearance and her age. she didn’t look a 49 years old woman in common. That’s why some of them claimed that Katty Kay might get some procedures to enhance her appearance.

Katty Kay Plastic Surgery Before and After
Katty Kay Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dr . Tina Alster, a plastic surgeon from Washington noticed that Katty might get botox injection on her face, fillers injection near her mouth corner and eyelift surgery as well.

Botox injection

Talking about this procedure, many people had already known well. The botox could help the users in keeping them away from the aging. Katty might get amount of botox regularly. Moreover she has been over 40 now. The aging could be the main problem for her appearance. You can see that the botox had removed the wrinkles on her face. There’s no doubt if she got flawless and smooth look right now.

Katty Kay Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictres
Katty Kay Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictres

Fillers injection.

Dr. Alster also mentioned “hyaluronic-acid” as a filers injection which was injected on the corner of mouth area. It certainly refresh and made it more youthful. Commonly the people in that age will got sagging skin. the area near mouth will got the impact. This could be the reason why she need fillers to make her look better.

Talking about Katty’s curent eyes, Tina Alster stated that her eyes looked fresh and subtle. It didn’t show an old eyes. She certainly had done surgery in this area. It probably an eyelift.

The  result of plastic surgery she got was nice and done well. She might be very pleased to know that plastic surgery had saved her from the aging so far. However, she still need to take care of herself and not force to do further. Plastic surgery is not always nice thing.

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