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Keith Urban Plastic Surgery Before and After, Fact or Rumor?

Keith urban Plastic surgery recently become hot news among the chatters. The 47 years old man was said having some procedures to keep his fresh look. And it seems he had gone under facelift and Botox injection. Among the male celebrities both Botox and facelift are quite popular. You might know well about Axl Rose, Steven Tyler, Tom cruise and many more. The Nicole Kidman’s husband might get them as well. The speculation appeared after the people saw and compared his before and after picture.

Keith Urban Plastic Surgery
Keith Urban Plastic Surgery

The Botox Injection

You might see it clearly in the after picture. Keith’s face looked tight and smooth. The wrinkles had been removed. And the Botox must be the reason of this.  It made his face looked so young. However, even though the Botox had successfully made his face younger, in some of views, he looked a bit unnatural for a nearly 50 years old man.


This procedure also might have been done by him. This procedure is commonly used by the user to tighten their facial skin. Keith’s face looked having no sagging skin. He didn’t look like common man in the same age.

Beside rejuvenating his look through those surgery, there was also an indication that he got teeth surgery. If you see the pictures, you will see that he used to have bad teeth arrangement.

Keith Urban Plastic Surgery Before and After
Keith Urban Plastic Surgery Before and After

It’s so unfortunate that till now, Keith urban looked ignoring the speculations. He has no desire to share his experience with the surgeries. Therefore the people are still debating about this case. If the speculation was true, then he should be listed among the male celebrities who went under the knife. He is lucky that the surgery didn’t make him like Axl Rose

How about you? Do you see any signs of plastic surgery on his face? You might have your own opinion. Don’t forget to share and comment on the box.

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