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Keke Palmer Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Keke Palmer played briliant role in a movie “Akeelah and the Bee” when she was young. She played alongside Angela Bassett.  Now she has grown up as a gorgeous young lady. Keke Palmer is 20 years old now. As a young star, it’s quite surprising that Keke was listed among stars who got plastic surgery. Yes, she was rumored having some procedures to enhance her look. The thread of Keke Palmer plastic surgery had become nice topic today.

What Kinds of Plastic Surgery that Keke possibly got?

Based on the speculations spread, Keke might get some procedures including breast implants and a nose job. The changes looked obvious in the before and after pictures.

Keke Palmer Breast Implants
Keke Palmer Breast Implants

Keke Palmer Breast Implants.

If you take a look at the pictures, you might realize that the size of her breast got significant change. Her current boobs looked much bigger than she used to have. The breast implants should be the reason of this big change. The procedure had made her appearance hotter and sexier.

Besides having the breast implants (boob job), the change on the nose shape also got people’s attention. Many people believe that, Keke Palmer had reconstructed the nose through a rhinoplasty.

Keke Palmer Plastic-Surgery Nose Job
Keke Palmer Plastic-Surgery Nose Job

Compared to her previous look, Keke’s nose looked having straighter shape with narrower bridge. It reminded us to Rihanna Nose Job. It showed that a nose job is one of the most popular plastic surgery done by celebrities.

The nose job and breast implants are not only procedures that approached her. Keke was also said having skin lightening to make her skin lighter.  Talking about her skin, Keke admitted that she ever prayed to God that she wished to have lighter skin when she was 5 years old. But she then realized that she was pretty just the way she was.  In this case she denied the speculation about her having skin lightening/skin bleaching.

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