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Kelly Clarkson Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

Kelly Clarkson is known well as a popular American singer. And her name became very famous when she won American Idol the first season in 2002. Now she has been 33 years old. And she has past more than one decade in entertainment industry. In fact, she has changed. She doesn’t only become older due to her age, but she also got different look. She was even said having plastic surgery in 2013. However, Kelly told that the speculation was untrue. What did she say?

Kelly clarkson Weight Gain
Kelly Clarkson Weight Gain

You might remember how she looks like in the past. InĀ  2002, she appeared in American idol as a hot, slim and talented talent. Then she got some weight in 2012. Based on the speculations, Kelly may get some procedures to lose some weights. Liposuction was mentioned as the main factor of the weight loss. However. Kelly had denied it.

She told Redbook Magazine that she did some healthy activities. Se did cardio, running, consuming healthy food. And she also claimed that she didn’t do any other instant way. She also avoided the diet pills. As the result, she finally got 30 lbs weight loss. She deserved to get it due to her efforts.

Despite she denied Kelly Clarkson plastic surgery thread, Kelly still told about a procedure that she wished to do. Kelly said that she wanted to have bigger boobs. But, she didn’t do a breast implants, because she was afraid of doing it.

Kelly Clarkson Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor
Kelly Clarkson Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

How is she now?

Seeing from her current appearance, it seems he really got weight problem. Fortunately, she still looks attractive and confident. Moreover her fans and a lot of people love her so much just the way she is. They won’t see her physically. In fact, she is one of great talents that the people are proud of.

Was she really free from plastic surgery activity?

Kelly Clarkson Nose job
Kelly Clarkson Nose job

There was actually one unrevealed story aout Kelly Clarkson plastic surgery. And she has not confirmed about i to the public. It seems Kelly had done her nose with rhinoplasty. Kelly Clarkson nose job is possible. Many people noticed that the shape of her current nose looked slimmer and more refined than she used to have. Don’t you agree? What do you have in mind about Kell Clarkson plastic surgery?

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