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Kelly LeBrock Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kelly Lebrock is an American actress who was said having some plastic surgery enhancements. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn siad that Kelly looked aging well. However, he noticed some plastic surgeries must have taken big roles in rejuvenating her look. Was it true?

Kelly, 54, might have some procedures including facelift, botox, eyelid surgery and fillers injection. You can take  a look at the before and after pictures.

Kelly LeBrock Plastic Surgery Before and After
Kelly LeBrock Plastic Surgery Before and After

facelift and botox

this kind of procedure was mentioned as one of the surgeries she got. It helped her by re-tightening the sagging skin. She looked fresher and more youthful after having this. Beside that, the botox injection also made her face got better. It removed the sign of aging (wrinkles) on her face.

However, many people and her fans seems dislike it. The surgery didn’t look good for her. “She had lost the natural beauty”, said one of her fan.

Eyelid surgery

further she also got eyelid surgery. This procedure should be done by her as the next step to make her rejuvenating program more successful. the eyelid surgery could be the best thing that she got from surgery. She got fresher pair of eyes,

Kelly LeBrock Plastic Surgery
Kelly LeBrock Plastic Surgery

Compare to her previous look in the past, Kelly looked very different. It was caused by the weight gain. She now got a bigger body. Unfortunately, the body was not the only thing that turned bigger. Kelly also got her lips bigger and thicker now. This is strongly possible as the lip injection (lip augmentation) with fillers. The shape of her current lips looked weird. Many people asked about it. Why did she get something she didn’t need.

If only she didn’t get the fillers in her lips, she could get better appearance. And if only she really wanted to keep her beauty, she  needs to get some exercises to get the best look for her body as well.

What do you think of Kelly’s current appearance? Share your opinion then in the comment box.

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