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Kelly Rowland Nose Job, Breast Implants Before and After

Not many celebrities who went under the knife would like to share their experience through plastic surgery. Moreover, the celebrities who got bad surgeries. Most of them will keep the people guessing. The former member of Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland, 33, had revealed that she went under plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. She stated that there were two kinds of plastic surgery that she got. They were nose job and breast implants (boob job).

Kelly Rowland Nose Job
Kelly Rowland Nose Job

when she was asked about the surgeries, Kelly Rowland told the media that she really wanted to go under the knife for herself, not for other people or even man. From the statement she gave, Kelly looked enjoying her new look so much.

Nose Job

the change on the nose shape looked so clear. If you compare between the before and after pictures, You might realize that, Kelly used to have bigger nose. After the nose job (also called rhinoplasty in medical word), her nose now looked having slimmer and straighter bridge. It also didn’t look bulbous. The tip had been reshaped into smaller.

Kelly Rowland Breast Implants - Plastic Surgery
Kelly Rowland Breast Implants – Plastic Surgery

Breast iImplants.

Surprisingly, the beautiful lady stated that she is not satisfied with her original breasts. She felt like having nuggets on the chest. Therefore, she then decided to go under breast implants. The size of her new breasts looked much bigger and rounder now. Seeing from her confident face, the people know that the breasts implants had satisfied her.

Talking about her new appearance after the surgery, Kelly Rowland got nice work. She didn’t get any problem with the result. She even advised the people to rethink of doing this activity. Plastic surgery got big risk if it was not done well. She did them due to her own decision.

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