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Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After – Breast and Butt Implants

Kenya Moore is another Real Housewives star who was said having plastic surgery to make her appearance perfect. The speculation appeared since several years ago. Kenya used to have a quarrel with Phaedra Parks. When they were mocking each other, Phaedra claimed that Kenya had gone under plastic surgery on her butt. Due to the moment, many medias took a race to look for the truth. Did Kenya really go under butt implants?

Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery
Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Butt Implants and Breast Implants

The former Miss USA 1993 might really do butt implants. in the after picture, it was clearly seen that her butt looked fuller.  Unfortunately, she seems denying it all and keep her mouth closed. The only surgery that she had revealed was the fibroid removal. Kenya told that she got fibroid tumors. then she need a surgery to remove them. Did you think that she got an implants on the butt?

another surgery speculation that approached her in recent years was the breast implants possibility. Kenya was reported having a breast implants (boob job). However, it is still pure speculation. Some people assumed that she didn’t get the boob job, because Kenya’s breast seems having no difference with the boobs she used to have.

But, If you take a look at the before and after pictures, you might realize that her current breast looked significantly bigger. Did you see it?

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