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Kesha Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kesha Plastic surgery thread has become one of the hottest topic in some discussion forums. It appeared when Kesha got great change in recent years. Based on some information spread, it seems she had done multiple major procedures including nose job, boob job, and butt implants too. Kesha Rose Sebert a.k.a Ke$ha, has changed a lot.

Kesha is known well as a singer. “Tik Tok”, “Take it off”  are two of her popular songs. Another her song, “Run Devil Run” was even sung by SNSD in Korean version.

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Kesha Plastic Surgery Nose job

Kesha Nose Job

The 28 years old singer had done a rhinoplasty (medical word for nose job) to reshape her nose. You can see the before and after picture. Compared to her previous nose, the new one looked having slimmer shape. The tip of the nose also looked more pointed and smaller. The new nose looked nicely done.

Kesha plastic surgery - boob job speculation
Kesha plastic surgery – boob job speculation

Kesha Boob Job

The thread of Kesha Boob Job is a bit controversial. not all the people seems agree with the speculation. They believed that Kesha’s boobs looked bigger due to the weight loss. You may have your own opinion about it after seeing the pictures. Do you think that she get a boob job?

Keisha weight loss or liposuction?

In 2011, Kesha’s body is not as slim as today. there are some medias that said Keisha got lposuction to make her waist looked slim and curvy. But some people thought that she got natural diet and exercises.

Butt Implants

She was also said having butt implants. But one more time, this is still debatable. As you know that she got significant change on the body shape.. It may give effect to the shape of her boobs.

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What do you think of Kesha plastic surgery. leave your opinion in the available box.

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