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Kim Chiu Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu, 24 recently become hot topic among the Asian Netizen. The Chinese-Filipino actress was reported having plastic surgery despite her age which is still so young. Commonly Asian plastic surgery was dominated with the Indian or Korean stars. It seems the plastic surgery had attracted many actress from other Asian countries. Angelababy and Fan Bingbing are some other Chinese actress who got plastic surgery so far.

Was Kim Chiu Plastic surgery true?
This news might be not just a pure rumors. The change is quite obvious. seen from the before and after picture, you might realize that the surgery had made her a bit different. Some plastic surgery procedure that she probably got were nose job and breast implants.

Kim Chiu Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job
Kim Chiu Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Kim Chiu Nose job
You can see how well the nose job (rhinoplasty) work by seeing the nose shape of the nose. Kim Chiu used to have wider nose. She also got a rounder tip. After the nose job, now she got a new nose with straighter and more defined nose. It looked narrower. The round tip had been nicely cut to smaller one. It was also a bit lifted up. Seen from the front, it appeared more pointed.

Kim Chiu Plastic Surgery
Kim Chiu Plastic Surgery

Kim Chiu Breast Implants.

Another surgery speculation that approaching her was the breast implants (boob job). Some medias reported that she might get boob job and enhance the size of the breasts. She got bigger and rounder breasts.

It’s so unfortunate that Kim Chiu has not confirmed anything about the possible surgeries that she got. The people are just still able to guess. Ho do you see Kim Chiu Plastic surgery speculation?


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