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Kim Fields Plastic Surgery, Breast Reduction

Kim Fields, 46, is known best as an American actress. And she is a member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She appeared alongside Nene Leakes, Kandi Buruss, etc. Many people have known that almost all the Real Housewives stars had gone under the knife. Kim Fields was also listed among them. The thread of Kim FieldsĀ  plastic surgery had become a debatable topic. Earlier, she was reported having breast implants due to the big boobs she got. Now, Kim got her breasts reduced.

Kim Fields Plastic Surgery
Kim Fields Plastic Surgery

Kim Fields breast implants, fact or rumor?

this little story is questionable. Some medias and people believed that she got breast implant in the past. You might remember how big her boobs at that time. Don’t you have the same idea. Unfortunately, there was no clear information about the boob job. That’s why some other people didn’t have the same idea. Kim’s big boobs might be real one.

Kim Fields Breast Reduction
Kim Fields Breast Reduction

Kim Fields Breast Reduction

In 2013, Kim looked different. She had changed a lot. The people noticed if the breasts got the most significant change. It turned smaller than she used to have. Was it an implant removal? or she reduced theĀ  size of her real boobs? Based on the news spread, Kim got this because the big boobs gave her a health problem. She might feel more comfortable look look after the reduction.

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