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Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery Before and After

Asia today has been influenced by K-Pop, a culture from Korea. It’s the moment where many people love to watch all things about Korea like music, drama, movies, etc. Beside the fantastic culture movement. Korea was said as one of the greatest plastic surgery users. Many of Korean celebrities had already gone under the knife to make it. You might remember Lee min Ho with his controversial plastic surgery he did, or Park Min Young with her incredible transformation.

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery
Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery

Kim Hyun Joong is another top actors from Korea that was said having some procedures to make his look better. However, his lovers disagree with all the speculations and clam that their idol, Joong has natural good-look.

You may take a look at the explanation below. You might rethink your opinion again.

From the pictures, it was clearly seen that he got a different nose shape. The new nose looked narrower with a more pointed nose than before.
Talking about the nose job he got, Kim Hyun Joong fortunately didn’t deny it.He then revealed about his little story with the nose job.
He publicly told that he got his nose job when he was younger. He got his nose crashed.It wa caused by the stone thrown on his nose. Therefore the nose job is the only one way to fix it.

From his explanation he told that he got nose job for a health reason.Surprisingly, the rhinoplasty made perfect nose for his face. he looked so great and handsome. Many women loved him so much.

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