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Kim Jaejoong Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jaejoong could be on of the most shocking plastic surgery users in Korea. the 28 years old member of JYJ seems having some plastic surgeries to enhance his look. And he already got different face. You may take a look at the before and after picture. And you can guess what kinds of plastic surgery he got.

Jaejoong Plastic Surgery Before and After
Jaejoong Plastic Surgery Before and After

Double eyelid surgery
Hero jaejoong looked so obvious to do a double eyelid surgery. this ind of procedures had alrady been done by some populr singers in korea. As the result, you can see taht his eyes looked fresher and more open now. In the past, jejoong got narrower eyes like common Korean people.

Jaejoong Plastic Surgery
Jaejoong Plastic Surgery

nose job
another surgery that change his look was the nose job. In the before picture, it’s clearly seen that his nose was wide with a more bulbous tip. And now, the nose was no longer wide. It looked narrower now.
talking about the change on his nose, Jaejoong had already admitted that he took a rhinoplasty. However, he also told that the nose job didn’t satisfy him, because the nose looked a bit flatter for him.

The plastic surgery rate in Korea is quite high. Fortunately, the process of most surgeries looked done well. There are many Korean stars who had felt the sensation and advantage. They felt better after surgery. Jaejoong Plastic Surgery showed that the technology of plastic surgery in this country is really good. There’s no doubt, if some people would love to enhance their self with Korean plastic surgeon.


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