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Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Novak had successfully made every body shocked. Kim novak reappeared with a very strange look. She doesn’t look like Kim Novak whom everybody know. She looks like someone else. Many people know that Kim Novak is no longer young. And her top era has passed. But, like the other old celebrities, Kim Novak might also feel that she wanted to live and spend her old days with a perfect look. In truth the strange look she got today was probably caused by plastic surgeries. Kim Novak got bad plastic surgery

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery
Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before and After

Her shocking appearance took a lot of comments from many people including plastic surgeon. Brent Moelleken told HollywoodLife that he noticed the change on her appearance caused by an extreme/ over agrressive fillers injection.
in the other hands, Dr. Anthony Youn also saw the other plastic surgeries on her face including, nose job, eyelid surgery, cheek implants, facelift, and chin implants,

Dr. Youn believed that Kim Novak got facelift. It was seen from her face. She got her face tighter by having facelift. This procedure usually used to remove the sagging skin and made face fresher. But it seems the facelift she took a bit overdone. her face looked so tight and even frozen. She didn’t have natural smile like she used to have.

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before after
Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before After

Eyelid Surgery
the eyelid surgery was also done as well. The eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) made her eyes fresh and nice. However it didn’t give any good thing on her face due to the fail surgeries.

Cheek Implants
This procedure was another bad factor that made her face looked strange and awful.the cheek implant was not done well. It created a new line on her face. She looks like a Batman’s foe named Joker.

The other enhancements on her face that she got were the chin implants and the nose job (rhinoplasty)
The chin implant was seen from the shape of her face. Compare to her picture in the past nowadays, Kim Novak looked having double chin now. While the rhinoplasty was seen from the shape of the nose. She looked having a narrower shape now.

Talking about her current appearance, many people feel sympathized and sad to see it. Fortunately, Kim Novak didn’t look too sad about her appearance. This could be good lesson for everyone who desires to go under the knife. They need to be wiser and more careful. plastic surgery was not always good for us.

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