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Kim Tae Hee Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Tae Hee is another name of Korean actress who become nice topic for many people especially the internet citizen. Some news reported that Kim Tae Hee had gone under the knife like the other celebrities in Korea. Of course as one of the most popular actress, her fans don’t believe any kind of rumors approaching her. they believe that their idol hadn’t done anything.

From many speculations spread, Kim Tae Hee was said having some surgeries, they are double eyelid surgery, cheek implant and chin implants.

Kim Tae hee Plastic Surgery Before and After
Kim Tae hee Plastic Surgery Before and After

Double eyelid surgery
this kind of procedure had been used by many Korean stars. You might know Sandara Park who went under this surgery and make her eyes more open. Kim Tae Hee was rumored getting this too. But, This controversial statement hasn’t been proven. Because, from her younger photo and the latest one, her eyes still looked the same. unless, she got the surgery when she was teen (younger)(no clear picture yet).

chin and cheek implants

those two procedures were also still debatable. Because, there’s no much difference between her appearance and the past. many people still have doubt about these rumors. These are still pure speculations.

Kim Tae hee Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture
Kim Tae hee Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

those plastic surgery rumors might be untrue. She looked having no enhancement. However, considering her age which has been over 30 and her smooth look, it seems she might get botox injection regularly.

What do you think about her appearance? Did she get plastic surgery?


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