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Kim Taeyeon SNSD Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Kim Taeyeon is known best as a member of Korean girl Band SNSD (Girl’s Generation). As we know that SNSD got beautiful, tall, talented, and attractive members. However behind their beautiful look, there’s a big mystery that made many people curious and the fans got mad. It’s the plastic surgeries done among the members.

Kim Taeyeon is one of them who got high questions about the plastic surgery speculations. The 25 years old singer was said having some plastic surgeries including nose job, double eyelid, and jaw surgery. Was it true?

Kim Taeyeon SNSD Nose Job
Kim Taeyeon SNSD Nose Job

Nose Job

Take a look at the shape of her nose from the before and after picture. Do you think that she got different nose? from the pictures, it was seen that her nose looked having nice shape. It looked slimmer and more elegant than she used to have. the nose job (rhinoplasty) should be the secret of it.
Unfortunately, her fans seems giving their full protection to Kim Taeyeon. They don’t believe it. they claimed that It’s makeup.

Double eyelid surgery

Among the Korean celebrities, this kind of procedure is no longer a secret.many of them had got good advantage after having double eyelid. They got thir eyes more open. As you know that Korean in a common have narrow eyes. Teyeon’s eye shape seems like saying it too.

Kim Taeyeon SNSD Plastic Surgery Before and After
Kim Taeyeon SNSD Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jaw Surgery

Beside those two possible plastic surgeries. Taeyeon might also get something done on her jaw (seems like Park Min Young). Her jaw looked bit slimmer. It was a nice done if it was caused by the jaw surgery. In the other hand, some people saw it as a sign of weight loss.

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