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Kim Woo Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After, Fact or Rumor?

Has Kim Woo Bin had a Nose Job?

Who doesn’t know this guy? He is Kim Woo Bin. He was born in Korea in July, 1989 and is an actor, singer and model. He actually started out as a model in 2009, walking on runways before deciding to turn his hand to acting. His debut was in a supporting role on the 2012’s A Gentleman’s Dignity. He then went on to star in the popular Korean television show School 2013. You must know him very well as a star of popular Korean Drama in 2014 “The Heirs”. He played alongside Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye.

People Started Talking About his Nose

Talking about Kim Woo Bin, some people noticed that he didn’t have the same look like he used to. There’ a change on his appearance that was possible caused by plastic surgery. It’s the shape of his nose. It reminded us to his friend Min Ho, who was also rumoured having the same procedure.

Kim Woo Bin Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Kim Woo Bin Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Kim Woo Bin Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Kim Woo Bin plastic surgery with nose job had become nice topic. Even though the speculation was still unproven.

What Is a Nose Job?

A nose job is a plastic surgery procedure that can also be known by the term rhinoplasty. What happens during a nose job will differ from patient to patient? So it may be difficult to say exactly what Kim Woo Bin may have had done.

  • Surgical incisions will be made on the inside of the nose.
  • They may also be made along the natural creases of the nostrils.
  • This also applies if the surgeon needs to alter the bone structure.
  • The skin is left untouched so that the skin can shrink down to match the new shape of the nose.
  • The operation is usually around two hours long.
  • The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic.
  • The nose will take a while to heal, so the patient will need to go through a lot of aftercare to make sure that it heals properly.


 An interesting point is raised here. All operations on noses occur under the skin. This means that no visible, tell-tale scars are left behind for us to use to help in deciding whether Kim Woo Bin has gone under the knife.

Kim Woo Bin Nose Job

The change on the shape of his nose can be seen from the pictures. In the before picture, Kim Woo Bin looked having bigger nose. The bridge of his nose is wider in the first picture. While in the after picture, his nose looked a bit slimmer. You can see that the bridge now appears to be narrower. This could be the effect of the nose job. However, most of his fans seems having different ideas. They didn’t agree with the speculation.

In the first photo the whole of Kim Woo Bin’s face appears to be wider than in the second photo. He also looks like he is a good few years younger than in the second photo. This means that we must leave room for the possibility that instead of Woo Bin having had plastic surgery he has just lost weight from his face. Thus making it appear that he has had a nose job.

Another thing to think about is the fact that he may be using the clever make up trick of contouring. As a male actor in the public eye who is also a model, Kim Woo Bin might feel under pressure to look a certain way, therefore he uses make up to achieve that look.

Plastic Surgery for Men in South Korea

Kim Woo Bin Himself didn’t say anything about this. We also already know that Korean plastic surgery is no longer a new thing. It won’t be too surprising if he did nose job. If only the news was true. It proved that most male Korean celebrities had gone under nose job. Jang Geun Suk, Lee Jong Suk, Jaejoong are some male celebrities who went under the same procedure, nose job.

Plastic surgery is a big thing in South Korea. With its competitive nature encouraging people to get plastic surgery to out-do their peers, most people in Korea do not bat an eyelid at the idea that their neighbour may have had work done.

Plastic surgery was originally mainly populated by women. However, in recent years plastic surgeons have seen a surge in men coming to them to have procedures carried out.

In Seoul they have seen such a demand from male clients that men only clinics have been popping up throughout the city. Originally the most popular procedure amongst South Korean men was the hair transplant; a procedure that helps to restore the hair of those who are going bald.

However, there has been a growth in demand for operations where patients are given bigger eyes and more defined noses.

The reason why these procedures in particular are so desirable is that they give the client a more Caucasian appearance.

The country’s president; Roh Moo-hyun even underwent the double-eyelid surgery in 2005. This is where the top eyelid is given a natural crease which is more similar to that of Western people. It was stated by his people that the procedure was carried out do to the “inconvenience caused by saggy eyelids.”

One male South Korean stated that “a good look is indispensable for landing a job.” If someone who is not judged as harshly on their appearance as a model or actor is, believes this, then just imagine the kind of pressure someone in the entertainment industry must feel.

In South Korea the charge for men getting plastic surgery has been led by male television stars who are happy to admit that they have had work done themselves.

This leads us onto the question that if other male television stars are happy to tell the media that they have had plastic surgery then why would Kim Woo Bin stay quiet? He has been asked in the past if he has had his nose done and he has refused to answer the question.

Kim Woo Bin’s real high school photos

One of the things that has got people questioning whether Kim Woo Bin has had a nose job is the release of his old school photos.

In the photos Kim Woo Bin looks to be in his late teens and his nose would appear to be a different shape to what he has now.

However, there could be a very simple explanation for this; in his school photos, Kim Woo Bin is wearing glasses, they have thick black frames and dominate his face. Everyone knows that wearing glasses can alter the look of a person’s face.

Some people have pointed to these photos as evidence that Kim Woo Bin has undergone plastic surgery on his face, but these photos may actually just be showing us what he looks like in glasses, as this is not something that we get to see anymore.

What Do His Fans Think?

When it comes to their idols, most fans do not take kindly to people creating rumours that they have had plastic surgery. They prefer to believe that their favourite celebrity is all natural.

One fan commented that she didn’t think he had had surgery “I don’t think. Kim Woo Bin is natural handsome man [sic].”

Is this a fan trying to stick up for Woo Bin or should we listen to someone who has probably spent a long time looking at lots of different photos of her favourite actor and trust that she would know what she is talking about?

On the other hand, another fan comments “That’s obvious what he did?” Considering his nose does look different, should we just accept that the man chose to have plastic surgery and be done with it?

Why Would Kim Woo Bin have Plastic Surgery on His Nose?

Looking at the supposedly before photos of Kim Woo Bin, you can be forgiven for asking why would he have plastic surgery in the first place? His nose looks perfectly fine; he had been a model for a few years and was now getting acting work. His nose did not seem to be having an impact on his career so why would he go through the pain?

Some have pointed to the success that he enjoyed in Europe. In 2015 Kim Woo Bin became the first Asian model to be signed by Calvin Klein and he was used in their Watches and Jewellery advertising campaign.

Kim Woo Bin then starred in the massively popular The Heirs in both Korea and internationally. The attention that he received from this television show meant that he was to do more work for international brands.

The European standards of beauty differ from those in South East Asia and this has led some commentators to speculate on whether he chose to change the shape of his nose to try and enjoy more success internationally.

Whereas as Koreans have slightly flatter noses in general. European and American audiences are more used to seeing noses that are slimmer along the bridge and pointier at the end.

To compete with European and American models Kim Woo Bin may have felt under pressure to alter his features to make sure he was being considered for international roles.

Our Conclusion

This one is a bit of a tough one. Let’s look at the evidence that we have;

  • Photos of Kim Woo Bin from his younger modelling days which seem to show that his nose was wider along the bridge than it is in the later photos.
  • Photos from his school days; again where his nose seems bigger than it is now.
  • He has refused to answer the question about whether he has had his nose done, leading to some people speculating that he has.
  • Cosmetic surgery procedures for men have grown so popular in recent years that many male-only clinics now exist in Seoul.
  • He has been given more international work and may want to appeal to an international market which is more attracted to the Caucasian look.

As we have already mentioned, his old school photos could be misleading as he is wearing glasses in them and this can alter the look of his face. The same could be said about the difference in the photos of when he was younger, compared to now; he has a different hair style and appears to be carrying a bit more weight across his whole face. Maybe he has just lost weight over the years.

We also know that he wants to do more international work. His chances may be improved by his looking more Caucasian, this would mean slimming down the bridge of his nose to make it look less Korean and more Western.

Plastic surgery is popular in South Korea amongst the male population and a lot of male television stars have been very forthcoming in letting people know that they have chosen to have plastic surgery. This would beg the question, if there isn’t so much of a stigma around men getting plastic surgery and his peers are admitting that they have had it done; why would Kim Woo Bin not just come and tell the world that he has had his nose altered?

This is a really hard one to call and we are tempted to respect his decision not to make a comment on his nose and let it slide.

His nose looked great in his school photos and it obviously did not have an impact on his early career when he was starting out as a runway model, walking for the likes of Pret-a-Porter.

He has since gone on to become the first Asian model to appear in a Calvin Klein campaign which is a great achievement in itself as we see barriers being broken down between Western and Asian standards of beauty.

If he has had his nose done, then whoever the surgeon was, they did a really good job as it looks really natural and fits with the rest of his face.


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