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Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery had already been a need for some people, especially the celebrities. by having this beauty enhancement, they could refine their appearance or even made it more beautiful. Kim Zolciak is best known as Real Housewives star. Kim is still 36 years old. And she had already given birth 6 children. and you might feel surprised with her new appearance after having 6 pregnancies, Kim appeared in a hotter and sexier appearance. Last year, 2014, Kim Zolciak plastic surgery had become great topic among the people and netizen.  Radar even reported that Kim Zolciak had gone under the knife to enhance her look.

Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery Breast Implants (Credit: Kim Zolciak Instagram)

In her instagram she even uploaded her pictures in bikini. She looked having bigger size of breasts that was said as breast implants.

Was Kim Zolciak breast implants speculation true?

in “Don’t be Tardy” (Kim’s TV show) in September, Kim visited a plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein. At that moment, she discussed about breast implants possibility. Therefore, many people believed that Kim went through a breast implants

Beside having breast implants (boob job), Kim also might get tummy tuck too, This procedure might have been done by her to refine her physical body after pregnancies. As the result, she now appeared with a fine body shape. She even posted the result of her tummy tuck in her Facebook. Kim Zolciak tummy tuck was done by Lenny Hochstein

Kim looked satisfied with the result. Some people also loved it.  she had restored her beautiful and curvaceous body. What do you have in mind about her beautiful body figure? Did she get nice work?

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