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Kirsten Storms Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kirsten Storms is an American actress. She started back in 1996 in a TV show as a guest actress. From there, she has been doing a bunch of different roles from soap operas to animated TV shows. She is quite popular for her role in General Hospital as Maxie Jones. She is still on that show as a recurring character.

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Kirsten Storms Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Kirsten Storms Plastic Surgery Nose Job

With this in mind, it’s interesting to see just how many actresses and actors get cosmetic surgery. It’s very popular, not only as something that is rumored, but also something they actually go out and get.

What exactly drives them to getting this surgery?


More and more actors and actresses, or even celebrities in general, are getting cosmetic surgery done. What motivates them to do this?

For one, body image is a huge part of their life. It directly impacts their celebrity status. The number of articles that talk about celebrities gaining weight or having different make-up is crazy. Everything a celebrity does is scrutinized under a microscope.

Sometimes, they get it because they don’t feel comfortable in their body. This can be a serious mental issue if it is not addressed. People can easily go to the extreme with this kind of idea in their head that their body isn’t good enough.

It’s really crazy to think that people will go so far with this type of idea, but it happens all the time. Many people go undiagnosed with issues like this and they might get cosmetic surgery done simply because they see no other options.

These people could also go in the other direction and stop eating or eat too much, depending on what their mental disorder is exactly. This can easily lead to a host of complications that could even end in the death of the person.

Of course, most people who get cosmetic surgery aren’t on this spectrum. Many of them are simply adhering to the cultural and social norms of being a celebrity. In their mind, they need to look a specific way in order to please the general public.

This is only one of the plethora of issues surrounding being a celebrity. This can seriously mess with a person’s mind and make them believe they need to look a certain way for the public. It can also make celebrities do drastic things like drugs because they can’t cope.

Once again, that is an extreme on the spectrum. There’s no way every celebrity is like this, but there are definitely many who are. They are exposed to fame too early or jump headfirst into it and later realize what it’s done to them.

There are celebrities who get these surgeries because they actually need it. For example, there have been celebrities who’ve gotten rhinoplasty’s, or nose jobs, because they had a deviated septum. This can be corrected with that surgery and sometimes may also benefit the person’s overall look.

Speaking of that, some celebrities get these surgeries to fix issues that happened while they were filming a show or out with friends. Thinking everyone who gets these surgeries does it just to look better is incredibly selfish and not something you should ever think.

Back to Kirsten Storms, it’s very possible she could have gotten for a reason that was completely necessary for her health and overall well-being. Or, she could have gotten it done to fix an abnormality with her look. No one should ever assume why anyone would do something like that.

Kirsten Storms was also listed among the General Hospital members who went under the knife. The change was seen from the shape of her nose. She possibly got a rhinoplasty. 

A few years ago, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer shared his opinion on makemeheal, which is a website dedicated to these things. The doctor found that Kirsten’s nose has different look, as the result of nose job. Kirsten Storms cosmetic surgery is warm enough in discussion forums.

Kirsten Storms Nose Job

You can see the before and after picture photos. You can see that the shape of her nose looked different. Her current nose got slimmer and straighter shape. She used to have a more bulbous tip. The new nose looked more defined. Kirsten Storms nose job could be said as a good work. More importantly it didn’t make her unrecognizable.

What goes into a rhinoplasty? Well, there’s a lot of different things that go into it. For one, you need to have a clear idea of what you want before getting the surgery.

You should, with your surgeon, make a mock photo of what your face would look like getting a certain type of nose. If you like what you see, this should be what you make sure your surgeon gives you.

If it isn’t exactly what you want, you can work with your surgeon and figure out exactly what it is you want. You definitely need to be one hundred percent sure of what you want before you go into it and do it.

Rhinoplasty’s are also on the more expensive side of cosmetic surgery. They can be anywhere from $4000 to $6000, depending on your location and what surgeon you pick. Paying more money doesn’t always mean you’ll get a better surgeon, so make sure to do plenty of research.

Picking out your surgeon may be the hardest part. Reading reviews online is great, but if you know people who got the surgery you did, then it’s even better. You can ask them how they were treated and if they got exactly what they wanted.

Also, knowing other people in the office the surgeon is in may help as well. This way, you might be able to ask them what they think of the surgeon and their work.

If you don’t know anyone at all, having a consultation is always a good thing to do. This way, you can get to know your surgeon and maybe see some of their older work. This can help make your decision about your surgeon even more concrete. If they aren’t working out in the consultation, there are always other surgeons to look at.

Once you find a surgeon and figure out exactly what type of nose you want, you’ll be able to successfully go into your rhinoplasty.

Before your surgery, of course, you’ll be told of all the potential complications and side effects of getting this surgery. Thankfully, most of them are standard things that shouldn’t scare you.

The biggest, which could change your view on the surgeon, is your nose not coming out right. It could be lopsided or some of it could be bigger than the rest. It’s even possible that they completely disregarded the original plan and went a different route.

To say the least, all of this wouldn’t look like it was supposed to and might make your nose not fit your face at all. This can really mess up your confidence, which is possibly the opposite of what you wanted with this surgery.

A nasal obstruction is also possible. This can inhibit the breathing, which is one of the more serious complications. This can be avoided by getting a good surgeon. Obviously, sometimes this is unavoidable, but if you can, try to get the best surgeon you can afford.

Nosebleeds and swelling are normal side effects that happen to nearly everyone. If you don’t get these, you are on the lucky side of things.

Another complication is a septal perforation. This is essentially a hole that can permanently form in the septum, which is the cartilage between the nostrils. This might not be serious, but it can contribute to nosebleeds.

When you have this and the hole is small, it can give off a whistling sound when you are breathing in or out, which can not only be annoying, but be an indicator that something went wrong.

Otherwise, the side effects are standard, along with the nosebleeds and swelling. You should definitely not only keep these in mind, but realize they are a possibility.

What are the different types of rhinoplasty’s? There are three different incision types that you can get, which are open, closed, and tiplasty.

As the name suggests, an open rhinoplasty will give your surgeon the most room to work with. The incision is larger, which means they will be able to access the nasal structures much easier. This means your nose can change the most out of all of the different incisions.

If you want a nose that is completely different and nothing like your natural nose, this is likely the incision your surgeon will use.

Next is a closed incision, which, as the name suggests, will not give your surgeon quite as much room to work with. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to say you never got a nose job even if you did. The incisions are on the inside of the nose, so there won’t be any visible scars.

With this surgery, minimal changes can be made to the bridge of the nose, like sliming it out, which should make it fit your face better than your old nose did.

Finally, there is the tiplasty. This one is very different from the others as it only deals with one part of your nose, the tip. It’s interesting that the name suggests exactly what it does.

This incision is also on the inside of the nose and will only change the tip of the nose. If you really like everything about your nose except the tip, then this is definitely perfect for you.

With regards to Kirsten Storms potential cosmetic surgery, she would have gotten a closed incision with a tiplasty added to it. There really isn’t a drastic change in the look of the nose, but just enough to suggest that she really did get this surgery.

Could this have been her only surgery?

Is Another Surgery Possible?

Her nose job is the most visible work that she has gotten so far. However, we don’t think that she got another major surgery. If she really did get another enhancement, then a Botox injection would be more reasonable. Many celebrities got Botox to control the aging signs. Kirsten may have Botox regularly to keep her face youthful.

Botox consists of getting injections into the face which keep it youthful and get rid of wrinkles. The biggest downside to this is that people who get these injections tend to have very stiff faces. They aren’t able to make the same reactions and expressions that other people have.

These injections need to be consistently put into the face in order to keep the same look. This can really add up in price and make it even more expensive than other surgeries.

What do you think about Kirsten Storms cosmetic surgery? Do you think she could have gotten it? Leave your opinion in the available box.


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