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Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Breast Implants

Kristen Stewart is a gorgeous and talented actress. She is best known for her role in Twilight as Bella Swan. And you might have watched her latest movie in 2014 Camp X-Ray. Even though she is still young, 24 years old, she had already been discussed by many people and netizen due to her significant physical change.

By comparing the before and after picture, you might realize the changes she got. She got different nose and breast. those parts of body might have reshaped through plastic surgery.  That’s why in some forums the thread of Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery was quite popular.

Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Kristen Stewart Nose Job

Kristen’s nose looked having a significant transformation. It is not the effect of growth. It’s more like plastic surgery a nose job result. If you see the before and after picture you can see the change clearly. Compare to her previous one, Kristen’s new nose looked narrower. Moreover the tip of the nose also got smaller shape. it made her nose looked more pointed.

Kristen Stewart Breast implants
Kristen Stewart Breast implants

Breast Implants

another change that looked obvious was the size of her breast. Kristen’s breast looked bigger and rounder. the change is quite significant. The people feel doubtful if the breasts were natural.  You also know that the boob job is no longer difficult to get. and she won’t have any real problem with the cost. With the big boobs, Kristen looked more mature now. her body also looked sexier too.

Kristen has not confirmed anything about her relation with plastic surgery procedures. When the people are wondering about the truth, a plastic surgeon Dr. Barry M. Rose, told that he noticed the change on Kristen’s boobs as breast implants.

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