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Ku Hye Sun Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ku Hye Sun is a popular Korean actress. You must already know Boys Over Flowers. In this Korean Drama, she played alongside Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong. Talking about Ku Hye Sun’s appearance, many people love her so much. She got a cute baby-face.

You will never feel bored to see her, especially when she is smiling.  You might wonder how she kept her beauty pretty well. She looks like 20 years old girl, even though her age is actually 30 now.

There’s a big possibility that she went under some plastic surgery procedures. The surgeries included nose job and jaw surgery. Besides, she might do something to refresh her eyes as well.

Ku Hye Sun Plastic Surgery
Ku Hye Sun Plastic Surgery

Nose Job

The sign of the nose job can be seen clearly on the before and after picture. Hye Sun used to have pig-nose shape. After the nose job (rhinoplasty), now she got a more pointed one. The change is quite significant. Of course it change her face a bit as well. She looked more attractive with her new nose.

Jaw Surgery

Beside the nose job, the change on her jaw line should be seen. Compare to the previous look, her current facial shape looked more oval. it should be the jaw surgery. It reminded us to Park Min Young (city hunter). The jaw surgery had refined her face nicely.

How’s her eyes? It’s actually just a speculation. we noticed that her eyes looked having surgery. It might be double eyelid. Her eyes looked a bit wider and sweet. But it might also be caused by the effect of make up.


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