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Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kylie Jenner is still so young. She is just 17 years old. Surprisingly, this Kardashian family member appeared with new look. And This thing as been revealed as the result of beauty enhancement. The thread of Kylie Jenner plastic surgery become warm topic in many forums.  We know that Kardashian family is so closed to plastic surgery. Her big sis, Kim Kardashian even did multiple surgeries to make her appearance as hot as today. And almost all the member of this family did nose job (rhinoplasty). How was Kylie Jenner plastic surgery? Was it good or bad?

Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After
Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After

Reported by Hollywoodlife, Kim Kardashian has revealed about the truth. She admitted that Kylie Jenner had gone under lip injection. And she also claimed that she was the one who suggested Kylie to get plastic surgery done. However, Kylie Jenner plastic surgery may go overboard. Kim Kardashian then warned her little sister. She explained that Kylie need to keep her look naturally before doing another work. They felt worried if the cute Kylie went too far through surgeries.

You can see how drastic the change on her look by seeing the before and after picture. Despite it was just caused by one procedure. It made her appearance so different.

Kylie Jenner Fillers Injection

The significant change was seen from the shape of her lips. Kylie got her lips done with fillers injection. Compared to her previous lips, Kylie Jenner lips today looked much bigger and fuller. Some people stated that she got too much fillers injected. This thing made her face unnatural. Many people wondered who was the one she obsessed. Did she want to be like Angelina Jolie?

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