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Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you are a really Korean liver than you will know this guy a lot. Kyuhyun is known best as a member of Super Junior, One of Korean greatest boyband. As a male singer, Kyuhyun is loved by thousand of women, no only in Korea but also in the other countries. He has good voice and also has a good look.

Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery Before After
Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery Before After

Talking about his appearance, Kyuhyun is not a celebrity who tried to deny all plastic surgery rumors. He himself had already told the public that he had gone under the knife. that’s quite shocking at the fist time. but in truth, his fans didn’t care about it and they still love him just the way he is. Kyuhyun admitted that he had done double eyelid surgery and also a nose job.

Double eyelid surgery
among the Korean celebrities, the double eyelid is the most popular plastic surgery that was done alongside with nose job and jaw surgery. Korean people actually had narrow eyes. But With the double eyelid, they can make their eyes wide and more open. Of course it will build a new image of their face. Kyuhyun got this one and made his eyes as beautiful as now. He looked so fresh. more surprisingly, the surgery looked done very well. It’s perfect. if only there was no photo of him in the past, the people won’t know the truth.

Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery
Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery

Nose Job
the nose job had reshape his nose too. the procedure (called rhinoplasty in medical word) made his nose having narrower bridge, and it also cut the tip to be smaller nicely.

Kyuhyun had already got the best. However some of her fans hope that he didn’t go any works further. They might be afraid if something happen to him.. you might know Park Bom 2NE1 with her surgery. What do you think of Kyuhyun transformation. Does he look great?

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