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Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Boob Job

Lady Gaga had become a new phenomenon in this era. She has a really great talent that amused a lot of people. She is called Lady monster by her fans. She also always uses eccentric outfit.

However alongside her great and successful career, Lady Gaga was approached by a lot of controversial new. One of them was about the plastic surgery activity that she did. From the new spread, Lady Gaga was said having some procedure like facelift, botox, Nose job, Lip Augmentation and boob job too.

Lady Gaga Selfie
Lady Gaga Selfie

Facelift and botox
these 2 procedures were no longer surprising. Most American and Hollywood Stars had already tried these to refresh their look. The people noticed that Lady gaga might get these as well. However, some of her ans denied all these, because she is currently still below 30. She has no aging problem yet. In the other hand some people said that her face looked too smooth and unnaturally fresh without any signs of lines .

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job
is the second procedure that she might get in recent years. The people guessed that her nose changed after she got her popularity. Compared to her previous nose, the new one looked more define shorter and slimmer. The mother monster used to have a big and wide nose.

Lip augmentation
another change on her face that made her looked different was the lip augmentation. If you take look at her lips area, you might realize that it looked thicker and more nutritious then before. In this case, the lip augmentation might be very possible.

Lady Gaga Plastic surgery Breast Implants
Lady Gaga Plastic surgery Breast Implants

beside some changes on her facial structure. She was also reported having significant change on her boobs. The size of her breast looked bigger and rounder now. Some people guessed that the breast implants (boob job) could boost their body perfectness and the confidence too.Nowadays, having big breasts is one of woman’s dream to show the sexiness level.


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