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Lana Del Rey – Plastic surgery nose and lips

Who Is Lana Del Rey?

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, born on June 21st 1985, is the birth name of a famous American singer, songwriter and model. She now goes by a stage name and it’s the name we best know her by, Lana Del Ray.

This is her most recent stage name and has also been known by “Lizzy Grant” in the past, when she first started out. Lana Del Ray is a very talented and highly gifted American singer, songwriter and model. Lana Del Ray started off her career songwriting and was just a ripe 18 years of age at the time. Lana released her very first album back in 2010 and conveniently tributed it to herself, naming the album “Lana Del Ray”

Rumors Over Talent

Anyone that does a search on the internet for Lana Del Ray these days would know it appears that information on her talents and achievements has taken a backseat and that rumors and speculation have flooded the internet instead. These rumors surround information on Lana Del Rays looks and speculate if Lana Del Ray has or hasn’t had plastic surgery.

The reason there are so many comments and speculations surrounding Lana Del Rays looks is simply due to the fact that there are some significantly noticeable differences between past and present pictures of her.

If you go through images of Lana Del Ray and compare pictures of her from today to those pictures of her from when she was first starting out, there are significant differences in her looks that have you asking if she has in fact had plastic surgery done.

Lip Fillerslana Nose

When comparing Lana Del Ray’s past and present pictures, one of the most noticeable differences you will find with her looks is the noticeable change in her lips. In her pictures from her younger days Lana Del Rays lips looked natural and slightly thin.

If you take a look at more recent pictures of Lana Del Ray and focus on her lips, you will notice that now they are very plump and pouty looking. The most reasonable explanation for this change in her lips appearance is that she has had work done, most likely by using filler injections on her lips. Filler injections are commonly used among celebrities and non-celebrities around the world to achieve a pouty look. Here are some facts that you may not know about fillers:

* The most common and most natural filler is hyaluronic acid such as Restylane.

* The cost can be anywhere from $500 to $2,000 depending on the doctor and region you live in.

* These lip fillers should last anywhere from 4 to 6 months, dependent upon your body’s metabolism

Nose JobLana Lip Fillers

One of the other significantly noticeable difference with Lana Del Rays past and present images is the difference in her nose. One can only assume that Lana Del Ray has used plastic surgery on her nose in order to change the way it appears to look.

Lana Del rays nose these days seems to appear much slender and more defined, where it previously seemed to appear a lot larger and was more rounded on the tip of the nose.

In order to achieve this, look it would seem that rhinoplasty surgery would have been performed. It’s believed that multiple Lana Del Ray fans have expressed their disappointment in the personal choices she made to have plastic surgery.

Many of her fans and critics alike have expressed that they think she was blessed with such a natural beauty to begin with and that she didn’t need to make adjustments to her looks.

That she was also way to young at the time she has the procedures done and that her looks were still developing, they also believe that she should have at least waited till later in life to make such choices regarding the surgeries.

Flaws in Appearanceslana nose job

It’s a well-known fact that everyone has something that they don’t like about their appearances and that they wish were different or wish they could change and Lana Del Ray isn’t any different to any other person out there.

It should also be noted that these changes that she appears to have made are not drastic or over the top and that they have just been a few fine adjustments and tweaks improve her already beautiful features, but were most likely made as she was struggling to accept the things that she perceived as faults with her looks.

Endless Speculation

Unfortunately for Lana Del Ray once you have one thing done to change your appearance, people just start to assume that you have had many other surgeries too and they then start to question and speculate on everything about your looks. Critics are constantly assuming Lana Del Ray has had more than just her lips and nose done and are constantly asking if Lana Del Ray has had a breast augmentation procedure.

Once again if you take a look at her past and present photographs you will notice that Lana Del Rays breast size has pretty much remained the same over the years, so it would be safe to assume that she has not had a breast augmentation done at this stage as speculation seems to state.

Lana Del Ray has unfortunately found that people tend to ask her about plastic surgery more than they do about her talents and achievements. This is such as shame as Lana Del Ray has so much to offer and what she has or hasn’t had done has nothing to do with this amazing starlets gifts.

When Lana Del Ray was previously asked about the plastic surgery rumors that surround her and if in fact she has had work done, her answers were very hit and miss and she never gave a clear answer, which left people no more the wiser still wondering if in fact she has or hasn’t. The only way to come up with a conclusion is to base it on her past and present photos, until she herself confirms or denies the rumors.

It’s no secret that once celebrities get plastic surgery done and at such a young age that they have trouble drawing the line of when to stop and have a hard time seeing what is enough and what is becoming too much. Like drugs and alcohol, plastic surgery can become an addiction that can take over your life, a very expensive addiction at that.

There are many celebrities that have taken to plastic surgery to fix one or two minor appearance issues that they perceived as flaws, that have now had more than one or two procedures and instead of fixing and enhancing their own looks have taken things way to far and now look like completely different people.

Lana Del Ray is beautiful and regardless of what she has or has not had done she is an extremely talented lady, let’s hope that Lana Del Ray doesn’t go overboard with surgeries, if in fact she has even had any done at all, and lets also hope that she can see just how beautiful she actually is, just the way her fans have always seen her.

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