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Lana Parrilla Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lana Parrilla plastic surgery has become nice topic. The 37 years old was said having some plastic surgery enhancements like the other common celebrities. The speculation was reasonable, because she still look so young even tough her age is getting older. According to the news, it seems she got botox injection, fillers and a nose job possibility.

Lana Parrilla Plastic Surgery
Lana Parrilla Plastic Surgery

Botox injection

we believed that most of you might know this procedure pretty well. And among the celebrities, the botox injection usage is no longer a new thing.Mos of them had tried the botox injection to make their appearance younger. Lana Parrilla might get it as well. Her face looked so smooth without any wrinkles or lines. as the result, she looked much younger than she should be. The botox injection was done nicely and not overdone. she had smartly use the amount of the botox.

Fillers injection

the fillers injection should also be done by her in the face area. And the most possible part of her face that received botox was the cheek. If you see her current appearance, Lana Parrilla’s cheek looked fuller than  before.

Lana Parrilla Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Lana Parrilla Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose job

Another possible surgery that she got was the nose job (rhinoplasty). this could be the reason why her nose looked having narrower shape. However, it was still debatable. Because there’s lack of documents that showed she got bigger nose than now. However, if you take a look at the picture closely, you might find a different thing. It could be a minor work of nose job.

Despite all blowing speculations, The Once upon a Time star has not confirmed anything yet about her and the plastic surgery. But some people believe that her gorgeous and youthful appearance was helped with some beauty enhancements.  Do you have any idea about it? Share your comments in the box then


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