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Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Lauren Graham is known well as an actress and producer. She is still attractive, youthful and hot. Even though her age is getting older. Many people wonder what the secret behind is beauty. Could it be Lauren Graham plastic surgery? The fact is Lauren looks fresh and ageless.

Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery Before and After
Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Parenthood’s star ever talk about plastic surgery in an interview few years ago. She stated that she didn’t go under plastic surgery. And her youthful look is a result of natural treatment. She also mentioned Diane Keaton as a good example about a woman who lives naturally without any beauty enhancement like surgery.

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To the, Lauren stated,

“I have an interest in looking good, but I have a fear of not looking like myself.”

From her statement, she briefly explained that she avoided plastic surgery. Yes, plastic surgery is not the best option to stay young. However, many celebrities had gone under the knife to get better look or keep them away from the aging problem.

What did plastic surgeon share about Lauren Graham plastic surgery?

Reported in makemeheal, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif believed that Lauren may have benefit from botox and fillers injection. He also notice a nose job work. But he didn’t see any other procedures done. Dr. Michael Salzhauer got the same idea about Lauren Graham nose job.

Seeing from her current look, it seems the botox usage looks possible. The sign of fillers was also seen from the surface of her cheek. It appeared fuller now. Don’t you agree?

Lauren Graham Nose Job
Lauren Graham Nose Job

Lauren Graham Nose Job

You may need to compare the before and after picture to see the change on her nose. Did you notice it? It seems her current nose looked having slimmer shape than she use to have.

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