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Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before After Nose job, Breast Implants

Lauren Holly has changed a lot. The lady who has been 51 years old, was reported having some plastic surgery procedures in order to enhance her look.  Some of you might feel curious about it. What kind of plastic surgery that Lauren Holly get? seeing from her current appearance. She looked having multiple surgeries.

Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before and After
Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox and Facelift

The botox and facelift combination has become a plastic surgery hits. This combination has been used by many celebrities around the world. If this procedure is done well, the user can get younger look. Some popular actress and actors had felt the sensation. Moreover, a politician like Hillary Clinton even got nice facelift too.

Lauren Holly’s tight facial skin made the people assumed that she got facelift. Her face looked fresh and tight like 10 years younger than her own age. Besides, the regular botox injection should be the reason why her forehead looked smooth without any wrinkles and lines.

Lauren Holly nose job
Lauren Holly nose job

Nose Job

The American-Canadian actress also got a nose done. The sign of the nose job can be seen from the shape of her nose. It changed  bit. the new nose looked having straighter shape while she used to have a little crook on her nose. To be honest, it’s actually not too surprising. Because the rhinoplasty (nose job) had become so popular among the celebrities. Jennifer Aniston even did it many times to get perfect nose shape.

Lip Implants

Still on her face, Lauren Holly also got a surgery work on her lips. if you compare the before and after picture, you might realize that, the lips got fullers shape. It’s an indication that her lips had got an implants inserted

Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Breast Implants

Further, Holly Michael Lauren also got another enhancement on her breast. the change look very obvious. Compare to her previous breasts, the new breasts looked much bigger and rounder than before. It made her appearance looked sexier and hotter, especially for her age.

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