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Lea Black Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

The Real Housewife Miami popular star, Lea black was said calling plastic surgeon to refresh her appearance in recent years. As the result, you could see that she looked pretty and youthful even though she has past her young age.
The 41 years old actress’ plastic surgery case had become people’s attention and also a nice topic to discuss. Facelift, botox and some fillers injection were said as some procedures that she got.

Lea Black Plastic Surgery Before and After
Lea Black Plastic Surgery Before and After

Facelift and botox injection

Lea Black must have already felt the sensation of botox and facelift combination. Her face now looked so fresh and youthful. The wrinkles and lines that should appear on her face can’t be found. It must have been removed by the botox injection, while for tightening the facial skin, Lea Black went under facelift. She now looked smooth without sagging skin.

talking about Lea’s youthful face, a plastic surgeon, Michael Salzhauer commented that he noticed Lea’s flawless face as the artwork of facelift and botox injections usage.

Lea Black Plastic Surgery
Lea Black Plastic Surgery

Fillers injection

beside rejuvenating her look with that combination. Lea black also enhanced her appearance with fillers injection. The most obvious part of her face that got filler was her cheek. It looked fuller than the cheek she used to have.

In the other hand Dr.Paul Nassif also noticed that Lea doesn’t only got facelift, botox and fillers, but she also got necklift to tightening her neck.

Lea’s current appearance seems having good plastic surgery. She really get good things to maintain the beauty. However, some people still hope that she didn’t go too far and be more careful to use this beauty enhancement.

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