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Lea Black Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lea Black is listed among the plastic surgery users by the chatters. If only the speculation was true, it proved that Most female stars of the Real Housewives had gone under the knife. You might know the other members like Vicki Gunvalson, Adrienne Maloof, Gretchen Rossi, etc.

Lea’s smooth look had lifted up the speculation highly. Many people questioned about the way she maintained her appearance. Even though she is not young anymore, her appearance still looked so fresh without annoying wrinkles and lines on her face.

Lea Black Plastic Surgery Before and After
Lea Black Plastic Surgery Before and After

Some medias reported that Lea might get facelift and use a ton of botox and fillers on her face. We can see from her smooth look. How can a 60 years old woman could get such smooth look like that? Unless the plastic surgery, she won’t be able to get that face.

The facelift must have been done on her face. as you can see, Lea’s facial skin looked so smooth without any sagging skin. While the botox had removed the wrinkles on her face as well. Honestly, Lea Black looked a bit unnatural for a common women in the same age. But we are not too surprising if a person will do some things on her face, because in America, plastic surgery is no longer rare activity. Did she really get plastic surgery?

Hearing the people talking about her name and plastic surgery, Lea Black only responded that she took a necklift to refine her neck skin. However, she looked denying and ignoring the other speculations. How do you see this case? did you see any sign of plastic surgery through her appearance? Share your opinions and comments then.

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